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Gold Coast Comp-Done & Dusted!

Posted Sep 29 2008 12:00am

Well, the weekend began Friday morning-bright and early in order to drive to Cairns for a 10:30 flight. Somehow, we arrived at the check in counter of Jetstar 5 minutes after their cutoff time-and even though we had our e-tickets and only 1 bag to check in, the bitch would not budge and let us through...the gal next to her even tried to convince her to let us go-but she would not give in-in the amount of time we begged and cursed-we could have gotten through and been in line at the gate. This is Cairns domestic ariport people, not LAX-the check in counter is like 2 f'in minutes from the gate.

Anyway-asfter paying more money in order to catch a later flight (I WILL NEVER FLY JETSTAR AGAIN!)-we finally got to our hotel, exhausted (and myself dehydrated for comp prep) in Surfer's Paradise at 7:30pm that night. The lovely DI showed up shortly after, assessed me, gave me a tan, and lifted my spirits after a greuling day.

After a fitul night of sleep (traffic & musice below, comp thoughts and tension from the day) I woke up around 5:30am Saturday morning, ate my prescribed food (as per Di's orders)and got ready for the comp. Hair and makeup done-Di drove us to the venue around 8:30 for registration.

I had planned to enter 2 divisions, novice & masters figure...however, due to the large amount of entrants (supposedly 140), I had to pick just one category. So, I went with masters. Now, I had to wait until the afternoon just for my first time on stage.

I was able to watch quite a bit of the morning show and there were allot of fantastic bods! I causght up with TARA and LIZ and also the perky SHELLY who had quite the perve session when the big boys were on-LOL!

Then it was time to go back for dream tan and pump up by Di & my hubby. That whole period back stage is probably more entertaining than much of the show on stage! Wow-it's a whole other world back there. So, as John & Di yelled and pushed for me to pump, pump, go, go-and shoved jelly beans down my throat I glanced around to see gals & guys in various stage of dress, and pump up-a few people having fun with glass of wine in hand-it was quite the circus....and we're on!

I spent about 3 minutes on stage with the other masters competitors-not nearly what I expected. I sort of wonder if maybe the judges had already made their decisions before we even got on stage. Weeks of diet, hardcore training and lots of cardio; not to mention many dollars spent on outfits, trainers, travel-and poof! It's over. I can't believe how fast it went-as the prejudgine is when the judges make their decisions.

So, after I gave urine for my drug test (I got called immediately coming off stage), it was back to the hotel for some rest and a bit of food. Then it was back to the venue around 5pm in order to watch the routines and trophies before I was on stage. I did catch a glimpse of TARA's routine-Well done!-You really looked like you were having fun girl!

Then it was more pump, pump, go, go and I was on stage with my routine. I'm anxious to see a video of this if anyone has one!!!

And trophy time. I came in 3rd in my division-which is pretty good considering this was my very first show and all the other master gals had competed before. I was a tad disappointed as I really thought I had a chance at 2nd, and was told that it was very close. All the gals looked fabulous-so who knows what it came down to on that day.

I challenged myself, and followed it through to the end. I think I looked pretty damn good-except my face (I really hat that gaunt dehydrated look-but who likes it right?!), and I learned heaps about my body.

DI of Fabulous Figures did a fantastic job-she was always prompt with e-mails and phone calls, and is so enthusiastic about the sport-I highly recommend her. She is profesional and caring and I cannot for the life of me imagine having done my first who with her right there. Though I've worked out and maintained a healhy lifestyle for years-comp prep is a whole other ball game-especially in the last month and the final days. Thank you so much Di-you really were fabulous!

So, now I'm back home, resting a bit and recovering from putting my body through such an ordeal. I'm looking forward to just living a healthy, balanced life again-and Go Sailing!

I've posted a few pics below-but my camera flash shit itself so I have no pics from the show yet-should be getting those shortly though!
I will post ASAP!
Cheers and live healthy!
Before the comp:
My trainers

Before the night show
Day after

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