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Going to San Francisco...

Posted Jul 15 2010 7:04am

Sorry couldn't resist using the song, you know me.

Eric and I made it to our first stop of our honeymoon, San Francisco CA at about 9:20 am local time yesterday. Yes, that means we had to get up at 4:25 am our time to start that adventure, you can imagine how fun that was. We got to the airport over an hour early, but because the security line (and the check in line) for that matter was so terrible, we didn't have a spare minute to get food or even pee before we got on the flight. It was officially the first time in my life I have ever boarded during "final boarding." However, I didn't panic because almost everyone around us in the security line was on my flight haha. All I can say is this is what they get for merging 4 airlines into 2 security screenings.

There were 2 favorite part of the plane rides for me. One, we upgraded to United Economy Plus and the difference in legroom was AMAZING! Eric actually had space between his knees and the seat in front of him! Actually United overall impressed me- they actually showed a movie which is more than I can say for my US Air flight to Arizona, wtf? They also gave me a good amount of water which was key because I didn't have time to buy it before getting on the plane (and you can't take it through security, boo). They could've had a bigger selection of food but my box of Cheerios lasted me quite well. My second favorite thing about the flight was the middle school aged girl sitting in the window seat next to me. She was hilarious. She got on the flight in a fit of rage that can ONLY be acted by a middle schooler because the drama is much too large for an adult. She was clearly pissed off that she and her family almost missed the flight (they got on even after us) and apparently had had some difficulty with security. I know this only because she tore open her journal and started writing furiously about how angry she was. This was after she dramatically threw her coat under her seat accidentally smacking me with one sleeve. Mid journal rant she suddenly starts swearing about losing her cell phone. I debated between attempting to help and trying not to laugh during her 10 second freak out session before her Dad said he had it. The icing on the cake was when she pulled out her discman. Not going to lie, I haven't had a discman in probably 5 years, and wouldn't you expect middle schoolers to be more up with the times than me?

Anyway, enough about the plane- what did we do in San Francisco?

Eric and I came here with my family about 2 years ago, so our goal for yesterday was to see a couple of things we didn't see before and a few highlights from our previous trip- thats why you won't notice another trip to Alcatraz or Lombard Street, typical tourist destinations that we enjoyed once but didn't have time for again :)

First on the agenda? A crab sandwich...


Took me two times to get it right because I temporarily forgot about the love for mayo (and butter and cheese) that exists in San Fran- my first sandwich had it on both pieces of bread. Take 2.

Next up, a visit to Ripley's Believe it Or Not times




Of interest to health bloggers...

An outfit for exercising in space:


A zebra made of running shoes:


And you know the toilet paper wedding dress game I played at Sarah's shower? The all time winner...


Eric searched high and low for he and Jake's old bud the Bushman, but we think it was a different guy and it was far less entertaining...


Then it was time for Ghiradelli mint chocolate chip ice cream in a gorgeous park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge...


Came back to the room for a quick regrouping and found...


Thanks to Travel Agent Kristin ! (plus more bonus points for her yesterday for the extra legroom on the plane and sweet shuttle we got from the airport!)

We headed to North Beach (aka Little Italy) for dinner at Tomasso's , which was good but nothing to write home about (despite having really positive reviews in Zagats and Yelp). I think I have a problem because everyone raves about the food in San Francisco and I really am not a fan...except of the sour dough bread which is straight from heaven.

Post dinner we headed up to Coit Tower. Since my Dad does not love heights, I didn't even know this place existed on my first visit to San Fran.






Managed to stay up until about 9 and sleep til 6 am this morning, so operation switch time zones is going okay so far :) Now time to get ready for a day trip to Muir Woods and Sonoma, followed by a Giants/Mets game. I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow morning or when I arrive in Hawaii :)

PS. You should read my sister's recap of my wedding and tell her what a fantastic Maid of Honor she was!

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