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Going Green To Save Green

Posted Apr 09 2013 8:00am

Eating healthy is often associated with being expensive, so I love finding ways to reduce our monthly spending whenever possible. I’ve been reading an awesome financial book lately, and I’m happy to report that many of the author’s money-saving suggestions happen to be Eco-friendly, too!

Since April has been designated as “Earth Month,” it seems appropriate to discuss some easy ways to save money while saving the planet at the same time.

Tip #1: Skip paper towels.

cleaning cloths

Use reusable cloths , instead. Not only you will reduce waste and the demand for paper products, you’ll also save money by re-using the same cloths for years!

Tip #2: Ditch plastic straws.

41NaJ2SrZIL._SY450_ Use glass straws, instead! I prefer to avoid plastic products as much as possible, so these glass straws are the perfect way drink your green smoothies, juices and shakes. I’ve owned the same set of glass straws for over 3 years, and I love how they are dishwasher-safe and practically indestructible. (If they do break, they come with a lifetime warranty!) For some reason, everything seems to taste better out of a glass straw, too.

Once you try these, you’ll never want to use disposable straws again.

Tip #3: Make your own household cleaner.

A homemade mixture of white vinegar and tea tree oil is just as effective as any brand-name cleaning products, but at a fraction of the cost.

Even making your own cleaning products by using a natural concentrated formula, like Thieves essential oil blend , is more affordable, and less wasteful, than buying individual bottles cleaning products over the long-run. One concentrated bottle can last for years! (Plus, it smells amazing.)

Tip #4: Skip bottled water.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.04.35 PM

By not purchasing pricey bottled water, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also reduce environmental waste and avoid consuming any potentially harmful chemicals, like BPA. Instead, use a water filter on faucet and bring your filtered water with you everywhere in a reusable glass bottle!

Tip #5: Walk or ride your bike to work.

pedestrian_image [ source ]

If you can walk or ride your bike to work, or even just walk to the grocery store, you’ll save money by filling up your gas tank less often and will help reduce environmental pollution. You’ll also get a fantastic workout!

I hope you’re inspired to help the environment and save money all at the same time, with some of these ideas!

: Any other money-saving tips to share?

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