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Goals, Goals, Goals!

Posted Nov 02 2008 12:00am

Welcome Mentors!

I am excited about sharing this forum with other women as they set out on the path of accomplishing their goals!

I am looking forward to hearing your stories, encouraging you, being encouraged and building something together!

I have my own goal in sight - The Chicago Half Marathon (July 09). I have already started on the path and I met my first milestone on 9/28; my first 5k! It wasn't easy. I started out being able to run approximately 4 minutes before saying to myself, "Oh, Heck No! Running is just not for me."

But I kept pressing on. Somedays feeling good, somedays feeling baaad. It helped knowing that I had my partner (T. Morgan) holding me accountable. It's a lot harder to quit when you know other people are counting on you.

That's the amazing thing about blogging about your goals. It's not like the secret deals that we make with ourselves everyday in our head. You know the ones. You'll just have that donut but swear you're going to the gym after work. And then after work comes and you're tired and stressed and have a million things to do and you really just want to go home and watch America's Next Top Model.... and so you do.

Well now you will have a network, a support group of people holding you accountable and pushing you on. Your secret deals will no longer be secret and because of that you will actually start doing what you say your going to do and really benefiting from that commitment.

Of course there are more pieces to the puzzle. This Blog is just a start. If you are here reading this then you understand. You are ready. You want to be apart of this great movement. That's fantastic!

Get going! Log on and post your first Blog. Let us know something about you. Let us know what your goal is or what you're thinking about for your goal. Maybe you need some suggestions? I'm sure someone will have a great idea. It all starts here.

A little about me:

Name: Vanessa
Age: 31
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current Location: Twin Cities
Fitness Goal: Chicago Half Marathon
Weakness: Ice Cream! I LOVE vanilla ice cream with orange soda. And candy from the gas station - laffy taffy, red vines, milky ways. Also, fried chicken, smothered chicken and banana pudding.

I plan on writing a lot more about my goal, my training, my battle with the scale, my family history of heart disease, diabetes and stroke and my hopes and dreams for GirlTrek.

Stay Tuned.

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