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Goal Setting for 2013

Posted Dec 30 2012 6:38pm
Well it is almost the new year, and you know what that means! NEW GOALS!!! I try to make a point of making challenging yet realistic goals for myself, because the best part of setting goals is completing them!!

A goal is defined as "the result or achievement towards which effort is directed" and this year I am planning on directing my energy towards accomplishing the following things!

1. Run another half marathon: I really want to run another half marathon this year, I haven't been able to since my hip injury, however I was comfortably running 10km races by the end of this year so I am hoping my hips can power through another half marathon, possibly in the spring. I am really hoping to run a half with my fiance!

2. Get a New 5km Personal Best: I went out for a typical run in the summer, I was doing my standard 5km route. I don't know what made that day different than anything other but I felt like I was moving at the speed of light, when my run was done I looked at my watch and realized I had run 5km in under 26 min (that is FAST for me). So my goal is to run a 5 km race in under 26 min in 2013!!

3. Get a New 10km Personal Best: if this goal is going to happen then it is going to be at the Sporting Life 10km in May. I run it every year, it is almost all down hill, its an amazing race to do... that being said I pretty much always choke when I do this race. What should be my best 10km times have been some of my worse. I think I start out too fast, start to cramp, have to walk etc.... or I have trained enough which I am often guilty of. This year I am starting my training early. I would like to finish in 56 min or less!

3. Go to Yoga Once a Week: yoga is such a great activity, and I believe particularly great for runners to do, it really helps with injury prevention. I haven't been to yoga in ages and really miss it. My gym offers free yoga classes so I want to make a point of attending one a least once a week.

4. Stick to my Gluten Free Diet: As most of you know I have an allergy to gluten, I feel terrible after I eat it, gassy, bloated.... you get the idea. I am usually pretty good about avoiding it but I do slack off and cheat from time to time, and I pay the price for it. In 2013 I want to really make an effort to avoid it all together.

5. Complete a Triathlon or Duathlon: Now completing one of these would involved owning a bike, which I don't and planning and saving for a wedding might me Dan and I can't by bikes like we had planned, but if things work out I would love to complete a Sprint Triathlon or Duathlon!!

6. Less Wine More Water: I love my wine, that's no secret. I will never give it up. However, in 2013 I want to cut out all week day drinking (don't panic I don't get drunk during the week, I just like to sip on a glass of wine with dinner here and there) and limit my wine consumption to one night on the weekend. I think limiting the amount of alcohol based calories I am consuming will really help me meet my fitness goals. Plus I don't drink as much water as I should, so I would like to improve on that as well.

Tomorrow is December 31st, so one more day to indulge in holiday food and booze than its time to start working towards making my goals a reality!

I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with my fiance and of course our friends! We are going out for dinner first than heading to our friends for some drinks, maybe some dancing and some hot tubing! The best part is we dress up in dresses and high heels!!! whooo hoo! The dress and heels are usually of long before the clock strikes midnight however! lol

I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve! I am planning on starting my day tomorrow with my first Winter Run! (I have been using the TM lately and staying warm)

Tell me one fitness and one non-fitness related goal you have planned for 2013

What are your plans for NYE? do you keep it low key or party hardy??
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