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Go Green: One Company’s Desire & How They’re Doing It

Posted Aug 20 2010 1:47pm

The discussion on Frito Lay’s environmental efforts brings up an interesting debate about how environmentally friendly the company is being if they are using corn and whether it’s non-GMO. I don’t know the answers to that, but what about other companies? What are they doing to minimize impact, and what else could they be doing?

Kristina from Stonyfield pointed me in the direction of great resource as to what their company does in this respect. Stonyfield is pretty well known for their efforts in organic foods & farming , but what about other areas of sustainability?


Stonyfield & Sustainability

Looks like this might be a company that’s done it right again. They actually have whole teams dedicated to exactly this topic. Some of the things they focus on:

- Reducing C02 emissions from transportation & plants (factory plants..not green plants..;))

- Eliminating waste products & maximizing recycling

- Creating sustainable packaging

And what I find the most valuable as a consumer:

- ‘Stonyfield Walking Our Talk’ aka the SWOT team- a team dedicated to making sure the company practices what it preaches

stonyfield swot

Ok I just reread that- I promise this isn’t a sales pitch or anything. I’m a fan of the company and the Frito Lay factory tour plus my latest library find by Gary Hirschberg, Stonyfield CE-Yo (Stirring it Up: How to Make Money & Save the World) have me intrigued.

Does a company’s efforts in sustainability & minimizing environmental impact matter to you? How does it affect decisions you make as a consumer? Do you know about other companies that are working to “be green”?

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