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GO, Gadget GO!

Posted May 10 2011 3:58pm

Hey y’all!  I hope you are having a great week so far. :D

As it’s the start of the working week my breakfasts so far haven’t been of the usual Royal standard, but they have been tasty all  the same.  Monday morning is always a rush for me so I went for the easiest option, a yoghurt bowl.

Rachel’s Organic vanilla yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries, Rude Health’s early bird muesli (it’s in there somewhere) and cinnamon made for a very satisfying and speedy breakfast. LOVE IT!

Today’s breakfast was a little more leisurely with a huge bowl of comforting quinoa oats.  This hug in a bowl contained quinoa flakes, wheat germ, oats, mixed frozen berries, ground flax, rice milk, local honey, dried cranberries and a chopped pear.

This was seriously good!  Extra toppings made it even more so in the form of omega mixed seeds, almonds and choccy seeds .

Monday’s lunch was leftover’s from Sunday nights pasta meal.   I adore how this is so creamy, but really light.  I really hate heavy creamy pasta dishes like carbonara- this makes for a great alternative! :D   Today I opted for an easy-peasy hummus topped salad that was jam packed with veggies.  No surprises there!

Mixed salad leaves, steamed string beans, tomatoes, courgette, an orange pepper and bean sprouts all topped with some watered down Red Pepper Hummus Laura stylee.  Adding water to hummus is a great to make a little go a long way and using the hummus like a dressing means that every single vegetable becomes coated with hummus loveliness.  Great tip! :D   I also ate lots and lots of super sweet pineapple and kiwi…

Cos’ it was Monday and time was of the essence had a super quick stir fry for dinner.  I also had some odds and ends of lots of veg that needed using up too.

So  into the wok went some swiss chard, red pepper, mange tout, chestnut mushrooms and some smoked tofu.  I made a lovely sauce using soy sauce, rice vinegar and Thai Taste’s yellow chilli and ginger sauce and topped it with some crunchy bites .

Today I made a lovely butternut squash risotto using brown rice and nutritional yeast flakes to achieve that cheesy flavour that you would regularly get from using parmesan cheese.

So far this week my workouts have been pretty good too.  Monday’s workout included some yoga in the form of my new MTV yoga DVD, some abs and core and an upper body workout.  Today’s workout consisted of my 10K plan, intervals on the cross trainer, bike and step machine (1 hour cardio in total) and some abs and core work.  I looked like a total sweaty mess after todays workout, they really need to sort out the air conditioning in my gym.  Hmph!

The past two night I have been enjoying playing around with my new kitchen gadget to make dessert:

The Kenwood Frothie Drinks Maker.  Alfie brought it home with him from work on Sunday as it was on offer.  Fair enough it’s not the most romantic of spontaneous gifts the world has ever seen, but the thought was there and I really do love it!!!

Last night I made a Spiced Hot Chocolate by mixing chocolate soya milk with cinnamon and cardamom pods. Check out the froth

…enjoyed with a tasty bowl of cherries.

Right now I’m just finishing up a chai steamer made using rice milk, water, cinnamon, ginger and sweet freedom sweetener.  It was so good!  I can’t wait to try out other drinks recipes as the possibilities are endless.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget that you just couldn’t live without? I do love my new toy, but I really couldn’t live without my blender or food processor.  What would my life be like without my delicious green smoothies?  Oh my!  I’m cringing at the thought of it!

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