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Gloomy Tuesday.

Posted Apr 27 2010 2:51pm

Day three of Culinary French class was not an overwhelming success.  In fact it was more of a total disaster.  For some reason everyone in my class was just a little off their game today, resulting in massive kitchen chaos and serious time management problems.  I wasn’t making a specific dish today because I was the Chief Steward – second in command to run the classroom.  Since I was part of the leadership team, I sort of felt like the class going down in flames was partially my fault – not good.  :(

Biggest bummer of the day was turning my freshly charged up camera on only to discover that I had left my memory card at home in my car reader.  :(  NO pictures from today – so sad!  I think everyone in my class got a bit of a wake up call today (after lots and lots of yelling – eeeeek!), so hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

Since I don’t have any class pictures from today (sorry again), I can show you the delicious dinner we had last night since I ran out of time to post it this morning (had to be at school early for leadership duties!).

IMG_5500 (640x480)

A bright and colorful meal with lots of good nutrition and balance!  The dinner plate consisted of delicious millet , soy marinated tofu, and green beans with sweet chili sauce.

IMG_5501 (640x480)

Recently I’ve been cutting the tofu into smaller pieces, so that it seems like there is more but it’s really the same amount.  I also think I may have an addiction to soy sauce. 

IMG_5502 (640x480)

Casey wanted extra vegetables besides the salad, so we went ahead and microwaved some frozen haricot verts and topped them with a little sweet chili sauce from Trader Joe’s! 

IMG_5504 (640x480)

Casey made some creamy millet with paprika, red pepper flakes, and coriander – delicious!  A little bit spicy…

IMG_5505 (640x480)

IMG_5506 (640x480)

On the side I had a nice big salad.  Have you noticed we’re eating salad a lot more these days?  We’re trying to follow the Thrive guidelines, which means more raw vegetables. 

IMG_5507 (640x480)

Mixed lettuce with yellow bell pepper and cherry tomatoes, with a nutritional yeast vinaigrette dressing, mmmm.  Can’t get enough of the nutritional yeast.

IMG_5509 (640x480)

It looks like a ton of food, but between the big bowl of salad (vegetables), green beans, and the light tofu , the only real calorie dense item on the plate is the millet .  As you know, I love eating big plates of low-calorie healthy food.  :)

IMG_5510 (640x480)

Back tonight with my long overdue post about SPROUTING!  (Thank you for reminding me, Ann!)  In the meantime, I’m hoping that today’s poor showing in Classical French makes everyone in class move a little faster tomorrow. 

After leaving such a bad day in class, I walked out to discover that it was pouring rain.  Then when I got home, I found my dog running around with a dead bird in his mouth – so horrible!  The stars just didn’t quite align for me today…

I’m planning on decompressing by cuddling up in comfy sweatpants and avoiding the gloomy rain pouring down outside.  I’m going to my homework done and out of the way, cook an easy dinner, and hit the couch to watch The Biggest Loser!  How do you guys recover from a stressful day?

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