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Global Brew’s First Beer Dinner

Posted May 05 2011 7:31am

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I can’t wait for a break. No sleep for the weary though, because the farmer’s market is Saturday morning!

Anyway, I’ve posted about Global Brew a couple of times ( here and here ) – they’re a new taphouse here in Edwardsville that is perfect for craft brew drinkers like us. They have a wide variety of ever-changing taps (my current favorite being Southern Tier’s Gemini) and continuously host fun events and parties. I think they’re doing a great job as a new, locally-owned businesses!

They organized their first beer dinner and announced it only a week in advance – and had a great turnout! They partnered with Herzog’s Kitchen , a small local catering company. Global Brew doesn’t have a kitchen so it was a catered dinner but you couldn’t tell from the quality of the food at all.

IMG_3868 IMG_3869

The first course was a simple Greek salad. I really loved the dressing they used, and was glad there was plenty of red onion! This was paired with a Bell’s Oberon , which was a tad disappointing considering how popular of a beer it is, but definitely paired well with the salad.

The second course was a Krout Potato Soup with kielbasa. We both enjoyed this – it was creamy without being heavy and the sausage was great. It was paired with an Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock which went well with the soup, and I enjoyed trying a new beer!


The third course was the Fish Bowl, a tortilla filled with tilapia, cilantro coleslaw, and lime. The tortilla was out of this world and really made the dish – the tilapia and coleslaw by themselves were only so-so. This was paired with a Bell’s Oarsman Ale . We weren’t thrilled about this pairing for a couple reasons – two very similar Bell’s beers in one dinner, and we both really dislike Oarsman! Overall though, not a bad course, just not my favorite.

The main course was a Prime Rib Slider with horseradish and white cheddar and thin chips. OK the thin chips? Amazing! There was just something about them, but I fell in love. The slider itself was tasty but hard to eat, as it’s a tough cut of meat to bite into. We both liked the horseradish sauce though. And did I mention how awesome the thin chips were?!

This was paired with a St. Bernardus Abt 12 , which is a Quad from Belgium. I had my first Quad at the Schlafly Cabin Fever tasting event – I loved it! This St. Bernardus was good, but not as good as Schlafly’s.


Last but not least, dessert (obviously my favorite course). They served crème brulee (my fav!) with almond whipped cream and blackberries. The almond whip was to die for – it really made the dish something special (not that crème brulee alone isn’t special). It was paired with a combination beer – half Young’s Chocolate Stout , half Framboise Lambic Raspberry ! I thought it was a great combo and drank mine and Matt’s portion :)


Our overall thoughts on the beer dinner were that it was very organized and well put together. There was only one beer waitress though, and I felt kind of bad for her! She is a great waitress (we’ve had her before) but she was running ragged with all those little sample glasses.

The pairings went well together, even though they used more common beers. The menu itself seemed a bit disjointed – we went from Greek to German to seafood to prime rib! I didn’t feel like all 5 courses blended very well. That said, the food was very good and we liked every plate we were served. For the price though ($30/person), it was well worth it!

We would definitely do another beer dinner with Global Brew! They have a great atmosphere regardless, so it was a really fun event.

Question: Have you ever gone to a beer or wine dinner? What’d you think?

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