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Giving Thanks

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:00pm

In honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks right here on my blog.  This year, I have a lot to be thankful for, but one person in particular deserves a very large dose of gratitude.

This week, my mom underwent surgery.  It was supposed to be simple and quick, but halfway through it took a complicated turn.  Her doctor came out and spoke to us, tension etched in his face.  Though it seemed impossible, it looked like he was even more stressed than us, her family.  When he finally spoke to us at the end of the day, it was to give us good news.  Mom was doing fine, would recover with just a short hospital stay, and would never need worry about this health issue again.  He looked absolutely exhausted.

I have never met a doctor like this one.  Having traversed the country with my Naval Officer husband while battling a plethora of pelvic pain issues, I have met my fair share of doctors.  I’ve seen specialists of all kinds – urologists, gynecologists, vulvo-vaginal specialists, nephrologists, dermatologists, and orthopedic specialists.  Many of them have been kind, caring, and excellent physicians.  Many of them were great listeners and took the time to try to work with me toward health.  None of them could hold a candle to my mom’s doctor.

I am still astonished.  After seeing all those doctors in all those different states, I find the best doctor I could possibly conjure up in my imagination right here in Casper, Wyoming.  I only see him once a year, usually, for my good old pap smear.  This year, he’s been the one to deliver my brother’s new baby and save my mom’s life.  In each encounter, like every appointment I’ve had, he has shown deep caring, compassion, and attention.

I am supremely grateful for this doctor.  He is indescribable, but I’m going to try anyway.  He shoulders the weight of the world, caring so much about his patients that he often doesn’t charge them for expensive but necessary procedures.  He gives his all to every patient, going above and beyond the call of duty like no other doctor I’ve met.  He listens to me when I am sharing wisdom about my own body, and actually says this: “You know your own body better than I do, so I want to hear what you have to say.”  (I know!  Astonishing!)  He puts every ounce of effort possible into giving his patients what they need and want, even when those diverge.  He knew that my mom hates the hospital, so he got her out of there as fast as possible, but took into account what she needed as well.

So, this Thanksgiving I am giving much thanks.  My mom is alive and well, recovering each day.  My family gathered around to support her, and my in-laws helped us create a thanksgiving despite the hospital stay.  And Mom had the world’s best doctor, right here in little ol’ Wyoming.  I am full of gratitude.

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