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Giving stove-top oats a chance

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:52pm

I opened up my Google Reader this morning and spotted Whit’s post featuring this adorable song at the top of my unread list.

I couldn’t resist… I listened to this song for the first time a few weeks ago. I let the song play while the husband and I were getting dressed for work this morning. We were giggling at the song like a bunch of five year olds and I heard J humming it to himself a little later. ;)

It was a fun way to get Thanksgiving Day started, that’s for sure!

I’m so jealous that you’re all sitting down to hot, delicious meals with your families today. J and I had an excellent first Thanksgiving together in Japan, though, so I really can’t complain.

I haven’t posted an entire day’s eats in a while. So here we go:


I opted for a really quick breakfast this morning, but it ended up taking me forever to eat it. And I realized halfway through breakfast that I’d actually left my coffee sitting on the counter. Doh!


Really, really good snack this morning. A half serving of raw almonds with one cheese wedge. It didn’t quite fill me up as much as I would have hoped, but that was okay.

Because I ate this about two hours later.

100_4583 I’m calling these Happy Thanksgiving Oats because they tasted just like ‘fall’ to me. Unlike my usual method of just dumping everything in the rice cooker and letting it go for about half an hour, this afternoon I used a pot and my stove to cook up my oatmeal. Tina’s video inspired me to give it a shot on the stovetop and see how long it actually took for my oats to cook.

I used:

  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker rolled oatmeal
  • 1 tbsp Hodgson Mill Wheat Bran with Cinnamon and Flax
  • A LOT of ground cinnamon
  • about 1 tsp nutmeg
  • a few glugs of vanilla extract
  • 1 small banana
  • about half a cup of granola/kashi go lean crunch

It was so much quicker than using my rice cooker. I bet including the time my water took to reach a rolling boil, my oatmeal only required about ten minutes. Wahoo! I’ve not been eating my usual bowl of oats in the morning because I thought it would take too much time to make.

I am so happy to be wrong on this one, but I will probably still use the rice cooker when I’m not in a rush. It’s a good way to get things done while breakfast cooks away.


Quick afternoon snack of green bell peppers and peanut butter. I cut up the peppers while I worked on the homemade salsa for tonight’s tacos.


Be on the lookout tomorrow for salsa and whole wheat tortilla recipes.

I made a batch of tortillas yesterday and my wonderful husband cooked up some taco meat while I rode the train home from my evening job.


Add a little cheese and salsa and I’m in Mexican food heaven. :)


I love tacos and we were eating them very often for a few weeks there, but we’ve cut down on our taco eating. I like that, actually. It makes it feel really special when we do eat tacos.

I’m still a little behind in the workout department, but I was feeling super motivated today. I set off on my scheduled 2-miler as soon as I got home from the morning job.

That first mile was so rough today. I had to keep pushing myself to run because at times I wanted to walk. Where did all the endurance I built up disappear to? I will get back there in time.

The second half of the run went much smoother and I even felt like I could have kept running when I hit the 2-mile mark, but I didn’t. If there’s one thing I have learned it’s this: Just because you feel like you can do something, does not mean you should. My body and foot needs time to build back up and that’s not something I should rush.

I walked an extra mile to cool down (because it is GORGEOUS outside today) before arriving home for a 20 minute self-guided yoga practice. I should do more self-guided practices. I think I enjoy them a lot more than listening to the instructor’s voices.

Great workout today. I’m determined to keep this ball going! J actually introduced the idea of waking up early next week to start working out. I’ll admit, I felt a little proud when he said he was interested in getting back to working out (he used to have a doozy of a 6-pack!) because he currently does no extra activities outside of the usual dailies.

Wow. This turned into a long post. Sorry, guys!

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