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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Posted Dec 06 2012 9:35am
Good Morning!

I know, I know...I never post this early! Honestly, if I hadn't been so tired last night, it probably would have been another one of my middle of the night posts. I am trying to turn over a new leaf! (Ha!)

I was looking for some family pictures last night and since my sister lives in FL, Christmas is about the only time that we are all together. It was a very eye opening walk through my past, in regards to my weight and my overall health. My weight is up and down, nothing major but you can really see it in my face and in my skin. It really tells me how important your diet is (what you eat, not the weight loss version of the word!)

I see such a big difference in myself!
This is last year - Healthy living 100% I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is shocking or anything, but I am always happy to be able to see how far I have come. I have said it many times, we have to be our own motivation. Others can be inspiring, but we have to look within ourselves for true motivation.
Your journey to a healthy lifestyle has to begin on the inside (Your Mind)You are absolutely required to put your self in motion (Your Body)You have to be working towards something (Your Goal)
All of these pictures serve as a reminder of where I have been. They are memories, they are milestones, they are building blocks to where I am today, and who I want to be tomorrow. I actually have to laugh because my journey to a healthy lifestyle could also be called "The Incredible Shrinking Boobs" (tacky, aren't I?) ha!
As you can see in 2003, I was and always have been on the busty side. I also love the muffin top I am rocking at my Christmas party. Why did I wear that shirt?! Ugh...serious fashion Don't!Anyways, back to the boob talk... I have always been a full 36c and even teetered on a 38 from time to time. When pregnant and nursing, I was a top heavy 38DD. Fast forward to today... Don't let the tank top fool you... I now wear those bras like 4th graders wear. The kind without numbers, just S, M, L. I love this one bra that I have and I want to get a couple more. So I recently looked at the label to discover the brand is called 'Barely There'. Hmmm...I am pretty sure they are mocking me with that! Ha!!
Ok, I am done with the TMI (For now!) As for the pictures, you can see that I truly had been making progress by 2010. I love those pictures! What you can't see from 2009 is that I had a rash on my face that wouldn't go away. My skin color is funky and I am puffy.

I am happy to be healthy now. Even if my weight is not everyone's favorite (the only polite way to put it), it is a weight I can easily maintain and I am incredibly happy and healthier than I have ever been. There are a number of years that I am not in any pictures, and that was by choice. (We've all been there!) This year...I plan to be in lots of pictures! Have a great day, my friends!Now go out and be awesome!!

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