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GG with BB

Posted Aug 17 2012 12:06pm

Last night was a dream! My best blend (BB), Cait , arrived at my house late afternoon and we had our sights set on one place:  Garden Grille  (GG)! This post’s title makes sense now. You’re welcome. We set out for a 25-minute drive…which turned into an hour-long one. Yup – traffic was on the horizon. It’s fine, though. We took it upon ourselves to jam out to teenie bopper music and take selfies while in standstill traffic.

We may or may not be 13-years old. It’s just how we roll, friends.


When we arrived to the mecca that is Garden Grille, our tummies were growling like mad! We decided to share a duo of appetizers, the greens special (kale! with garlic and red pepper seasoning) and sweet potato wedges, served with GG’s housemade BBQ sauce.

We had to snap a picture of yours truly enjoying her kale!

We were perfectly satisfied after our appetizers but still had room for our entrees because…well…it’s Garden Grille and we take our plant-based meals seriously up in here.

I ordered the edamame-white bean burger, which came with lightly dressed greens and more sweet potato wedges with BBQ sauce. The burger was topped with chipotle mayo and a generous portion of avocado which, naturally, made my heart sing the highest of notes.

Cait ordered the blackened cajun spice tofu, served on top of charred corn and red beans, and a hearty smear of smoked paprika aioli. My BB nearly died and went to Heaven. I love seeing Cait’s reaction to trying foods that are so special to her. She is so taken by food with interesting, unique flavors – food that really makes you think – and this dish was no exception.

Shopping & Walking

With fuel in our bellies, we drove four miles up the road to Thayer Street, an artsy, college-aged area near the heart of Providence, RI. The last time Cait and I went there, she was so at peace and really loved the vibe of Thayer. It’s located near Brown University and RISD, and she swears both colleges give off a distinct, pensive aura. I can’t really argue with her there.

We saw a massive dog chillin’ in the middle of the sidewalk. I wanted to hug him but Cait thought it would be better less creepy to snap a casual phone shot.


The two of us stopped in Urban Outfitters  (because we can’t not) and I fell in love with the following outfit. The blazer reminded me of something Blake Lively would wear.

Both the blazer and the over-sized t-shirt were on sale, so it was definitely a good deal, but still a splurge for my stiff bank account. I fell head over heels for the vintage tee because it said “Hey Jude” in black cursive with the British flag and, being a huge Beatles fan (thanks Mom!), I couldn’t think of passing it up. There was a hole in the neck of the shirt, though, and UO couldn’t further reduce the price so I walked out with just the blazer. Still a winning purchase, no?

Cait and I walked down the street so that she could fulfill her froyo craving and, after a brief rest on a bench, we strolled around. It was a perfect night – 75 degrees sans breeze – and we definitely enjoyed many a #jadorelavie moment. 

We stopped in Only in Rhode Island , a store filled with all sorts of fun trinkets and borderline-useless keepsakes. I stumbled upon a few cards that really stood out to me.

Mr. Panda bear is so darn wise. ;-)

Okay, we’re about to hit the road for the Healthy Living Summit. I will see you there or I will see you on another time

Stay lovely,

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