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Getting to the Root

Posted Nov 12 2012 12:17pm

In upcoming posts I would like to share from my newsletter articles about what I have learned about the true root cause of illness and lack in our lives. While inflammation, oxidation, sugar and stress are definitely things to consider, I am approaching this from a slightly different angle and hope it will be as eye-opening for you as it has been for me.

What makes me as a Biblical health coach a bit different from other coaches is that I approach health in a holistic way that address spirit, soul and body from a Biblical perspective. I don’t just work with clients in this way, it is how I live. So, as I begin, let me share a little bit about an issue I am dealing with and what God has brought before me so that you can see how it might just be that missing piece of the puzzle in your life as well.

As many of you know I have been involved in natural health and healing for many years and I consider myself to be extremely healthy. However, as you may have noticed in your own life and body, we all seem to have one area that we may struggle in regardless of how successful or healthy we are overall. That seems to be true of all of us. For some it is financial, for some relational, for others their skin or digestion is the weak link. Well for me it is dental. Specifically my gums.

Now I have heard other people say – “I am doing everything I know to do,” but when pressed they are not doing much more than most other people. I can honestly tell you I am doing all I know to do and as I learn more, I do more! I researched and created a detailed protocol for myself including:

Increasing my intake of vitamin C, including in powdered form combined with baking soda to create an alkalizing drink and allow the vitamin to be better assimilated;

Taking supplemental food grade monosodium phosphate and taking 2 capsules of GingiPhase to help with gum repair;

Making a tea from 1 teaspoon of edible Red Desert Clay daily to detox my system and get necessary minerals for strong bone formation (yes I’ve hear people say they’d do anything, even eat dirt if they had to – but I actually will!);

Oil pulling with coconut oil at least 3 times a week;

Brushing my teeth with baking soda and a half teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar which foams up, loosening any plaque so it can be flossed and brushed away;

Follow up with Good Gums and Miracle II Neutralizer to further alkalize;

Created a list of scripture confessions that I speak over myself daily.

All this in addition to a careful food plan , more than half my body weight in ounces of water with the correct amount of sea salt (also for additional minerals). Even doing all this I had to have laser gum surgery. I am determined to keep my teeth and to get to the root cause. This is why I know you cannot just approach any disorder or disease simply from a physical perspective. There is an underlying cause – in that list I gave you, stress comes closest to what I have learned – but it goes deeper than that.

I’ll get more into those details in upcoming posts, but for now let me just say all illness is non-physical in origin and originates from spiritual and soul issues and must be treated from the non-physical source.

You should know all my female ancestors and many of the males lost all their teeth. In sharing this with a friend I realized that as a teenager my dentist told me I would always have problems with my teeth and gums. (And I have.) Interestingly the same dentist told my brother that his teeth were perfect and he’d never have a problem. (And he hasn’t).

Hmmm, that revelation, which I’d buried for many years was the beginning of this journey I would love to share with you. So in the next weeks, I’ll be sharing things I had not truly understood fully and I hope they will be as powerful for you as they have been to me.

Can you relate to what I am sharing here? Have you done all you know to do to heal a physical issue and still don’t see resolution and KNOW there’s something you are missing?

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