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Getting to the Root of Stress

Posted Dec 10 2012 2:36pm

root So last week I talked about what cellular memory is and why it causes physical problems. As a health coach this intrigues me. It was not something I had ever heard much about until recently but it confirmed my beliefs that all illness is not physical in origin – in other words, it originates from spirit and soul issues and manifests in the physical body. Since we are tri-part beings: we ARE spirits, we have a soul (a mind, will and emotions) and we live in a physical body, it makes perfect sense, to me anyway, that no matter what we are discussing, it originates in the spirit because that is who we truly are.

I read a statistic recently that 90% of all drugs only work for 30-50% of people. It’s been well documented that as much as 95% of all disease and illness originates from stress. Remember, stress suppresses the immune system, drains our energy, makes us dumber by redirecting our brain energy and causes us to fail! It doesn’t just affect our physical health – it impacts our overall success in all areas as well. We tend to think of stress as coming solely from external causes – a nasty boss, too many deadlines, financial problems, relationship problems. But the internal causes of stress (destructive, negative cellular memories) control the external. Our internal program controls what happens externally just as the spiritual controls and supersedes the physical.

While we can more easily recognize the physical effects of stress, it also affects us spiritually. If you have been told as a child that you are bad or stupid or you can’t do something, that belief is stored as a cellular memory and then as an adult, try as you may, to believe you are the righteousness of God in Christ, a son or daughter of the King, the apple of His eye, and that you can do all things through Christ, you just can’t seem to do it and don’t know why! You can memorize and confess scripture all day long and still find you struggle with it and begin thinking there’s something inherently wrong with you – but there is not!

Unfortunately most treatments for disease and illnesses address the disease symptom but not the source. That is not to say that nutrition, taking proper supplements, staying hydrated and getting adequate exercise and rest will not improve your physical health. Those are very important things – but especially when you are dealing with a specific condition, unless you get to the true source and root – you may experience some improvement, but never total resolution. I can say this because I’ve been there!

You may be thinking – sure I’ve had experiences that caused feelings of fear, anger, insecurity, sadness or low self-worth, but I don’t think about them any more – I’ve put them behind me. Think again. Even though you don’t consciously think about them, those memories are always broadcasting these destructive signals into your cells. You can intellectually get over past experiences but the frequencies and feelings can still be trapped in your cells. And as I said before, wherever your weakest link is, that’s where you’ll experience pain or symptoms.

What condition of your physical body or aspect of your life can you point to as being an area that needs resolution at the root?

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