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Getting to the Marathon Marathon

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:02pm

So this is part one, but I will say, the marathon was painless and amazing, no wall, just fun, I had friends jump in with me at various points for over 19 miles of the course and talked the entire was through it.  Congrats to my fellow finishers, Jesse, Heather, Rev, Andrea, and Scott!

The days leading up to the marathon were another story.  Despite all my mantra-ing, I just could not get excited about the race. I was dreading it.  I had this huge mental block.  On Thursday, I started getting a really sore throat.  On Friday, it was really painful to swallow and my ear was aching.  My appetite was non-existent, which only happens when I am sick. By Saturday, swallowing hurt so much that it took a huge mental preparation and then I would close my jaw as tightly as possible to make the opening as small as possible. I was also having a little trouble keeping food down.  My body was telling me not to eat, but I was like, I have to eat something before the race!  So the three smallish meals I forced down were followed by periods of nausea.  I had to leave a hot yoga class on Friday and then ran to the nearest garbage can on the way home.  As someone how can absolutely not nap during the day, I would get exhausted from basic tasks, putting laundry in machine and pass out for 2 hours.  I took a nap every time I even thought about packing for the race. I slept more Fri and Saturday than I have in the last week. 

By Saturday, swallowing hurt so much that it took a huge mental preparation and then I would close my jaw as tightly as possible to make the opening as small as possible. I didn’t even have the energy to drop my post-marathon goods off at Heather’s hotel so I could just go there after the race.  I was freaking out, poor Liz did her best to try to pump my cranky pessimistic ass up, but I could not break out of the funk.  I called a friend who is a running coach and she said, if it is not in your chest, you can run, but take it as easy as possible.  However, she said the books will say not to run.  I was a little worried by the marathon magazine I got in the expo, it said do not run if you feel ill the week of the marathon.  I had until 5PM on Saturday to defer, but I decided that there is no way I could go through the training and mental and emotional anguish of running a marathon again, and I would rather be defeated at mile 3 than defer.

Great mentality right?  So I was prepared to walk the marathon or just drop out.  What got into me?  I was actively trying to get better, taking lemon ginger honey cough drops, kombucha multi-greens, emergen-c, salt water gargling, etc.

Somehow I dragged myself to dinner with my friends Andrea, Scott, Sue and Greg.  Andrea and Sue I met at TNT.  Greg is my best friend from high school—and marathon inspiration.  Scott is Andrea’s fiance, they are both running.  Andrea’s lovely mom came to show her support too!  I arrived at the restaurant naseous and barely able to swallow, but somehow the friends lifted my spirits and I think hot food really helped sooth my throat.  I ordered whole wheat spaghetti with cauliflower and currant, hold the pinenuts and ate as much as I could. 

I actually felt great leaving the restaurant.  A little sad to miss all Halloween festivities, save for sewing my roommate trev’s sash and doing Elizabeth’s eye make up on Friday. I finally packed my stuff and made finally decisions on what to wear on the big day.  Yeah, I didn’t pack light.  I knew if I had to be sitting on Staten Island for 4 hours, I wanted to be warm and entertained. marathon! 021marathon! 020

What I had:


  • race tank-hind brand
  • Adidas running capris (after trying several brands, I found these and love them!)
  • Thermal long sleeve tee
  • sweat shirt
  • two pairs of socks
  • visor
  • nike hat and gloves
  • hair elastic
  • fleece pants
  • long sleeve shirt (for after the marathon)
  • yoga pants (for after)
  • extra dri-fit
  • my BIB and chip tag!

Drugs etc.

  • 1 liter poland spring
  • 16 ounce poland spring
  • bandaids
  • moleskin
  • 8 hour tylenol
  • ibuporfen
  • dayquil flu
  • zantac
  • tylenol severe cold and flu
  • emergen-c
  • sugarfree red bull


  • ipod and arm band (only listened to 3 songs the whole race and before the race!)
  • 3 magazines (didn’t even look at them)
  • a marker

Other essentials

  • huge beach towel (thank god)
  • two plastic garbage bags (a must!)
  • astroglide (didn’t end up using this free sample I got at the more half marathon, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t just for sports until I took a closer look at the package—real pleasure last longer!) marathon! 017

Food—I packed enough for at least five runners because I could figure out what my stomach would accept on the morning of.

  • plain bagel
  • glob of PB in tin foil
  • whole grain oat meal cookies (didn’t need)
  • kashi tlc bar (didn’t need)
  • Mariani Prune Support (didn’t need)

After the huge pack fest, I watched a couple innings of the Yankees game and went to bed.  Oh, but first I set back my clocks and phone and alarm for 4AM!

Race recap soon!

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