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Getting the Most Out of Personal Training

Posted Jul 16 2012 12:46pm

Working with a personal trainer can be an extremely rewarding experience.   It is an opportunity to reach fitness goals that are often unattainable if you try to go it alone.     However, the success one achieves from working with a personal trainer is not only derived from the one hour a week spent with partner in fitness.   On the day you meet with your trainer, you have 23 hours where you are left to your own devices. Add the other 144 unassisted hours in the week and you quickly realize how important it is that you constantly make responsible decisions to get the most out of your personal training sessions.

 The three things you need to do well when you are working towards those fitness goals, is to get a good night’s sleep, eat well, and exercise on your own.   A great workout starts the night before.   That means having a restful night’s sleep.   If you can get in the recommended eight hours, you are ahead of most people.   Try for a regular bedtime with uninterrupted sleep.   6 solid hours beats 9 hours of tossing and turning.   This might be hard for parents of young children, but more people eat late and that causes them to have trouble sleeping. If you can sleep well, your first decision in the morning has a better chance of being a good decision.   The first thing you should do is eat a well-balanced breakfast. Fruit, eggs, toast, yogurt, oatmeal are all good choices.   They may require a few minutes of preparation, but they are a far better choice than dragging yourself to the coffee cart for a bagel or donut.   These foods are calorie dense foods, but light on nutrients.    The few minutes that your think you saved in the morning will quickly be lost by your lack of productivity in the office. 

The third component is your physical activity.   Going back to your good night’s sleep, you may have opted for the morning workout to turbo-charge your day.   However, if you save it until the end of the work day, you will want to have enough energy to make it to the gym.   With your weeklyNew York City personal trainingsession happening on a different day, it is important to keep your personal exercise appointment.   For some people this appointment may not be at the gym, but at a pilates or yoga studio, or perhaps a run in the park. What makes a great trainer-client relationship is when your personal trainer can help you create a fitness program and plan for when you are not together.

 If you work with apersonal trainer in New Yorkit is important to convey your concerns with them.   Do not hold back if you are worried about making the wrong decision at lunch time or when you exercise on your own.   Personal trainers can be a tremendous wellness resource for their clients.   Many of them have extended their expertise as nutritionists or health coaches.   Their knowledge should not be overlooked as you seek to make the most of your personal training sessions on your way to reaching your fitness goals. 

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