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Getting Personal: My Patient Experience #5

Posted Jun 13 2013 12:00am

Back in August 2012 , I shared four patient experiences collected over several years.  I just had a new one and wanted to add it to the list for my readers.  Keep in mind, I've crossed over into my golden years, so I'm not exactly young and hip.

I've taken a few prescriptions over the last several years for a skin condition.  At first, the brand names were easy to remember and getting a refill was pretty straight forward as long as I like visiting or calling the pharmacy during certain hours.  Then they implemented an electronic phone refill service and it was great, because I could call on any day - at any time.  For me, it usually was after the kids had gone to bed and I had finally made it up to my bedroom where I kept the boxes with the phone and prescription numbers.

This worked well for years, until I realized earlier in the week that I no longer had one of boxes with the pharmacy label.  Since each medication has now gone generic, I don't remember the names.  No problem, I had to run some errands and could make a side trip to the pharmacy to request the refill of the one I needed.  On the way, I wondered if CVS might have an app.

To my pleasant surprise when I arrived at the counter I saw that they do indeed, and can even text you when your prescription is ready.  I requested the refill and said I'd be back a little later to pick it up. 

Upon getting home, I downloaded the app and this morning signed up for an account and my prescriptions are now available to me on my phone.  The security process was pretty amazing and I'll just leave it at that!  It will also allow me to add any prescriptions my minor children might have and my husband can sign up and give me access to manage his prescriptions, as well.

I think this app will work out well for me and look forward to using it for the first time!  Imagine, I'll even be able to request a refill while traveling and pick it up when I return home -- or wherever I happen to be working.


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