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Getting Out of Hand

Posted Mar 06 2013 3:35pm

Remember a couple weeks ago when I when I said I was failing miserably at the whole balance thing?

It hasn’t really gotten better.

I’m not too sure if school is getting harder, or I’m getting lazier (or both), but I’m having a really rough time this semester.

I’ve been trying to get everything done, but it hasn’t been going all that well. I even needed supervision last week just to make sure I got my essay finished.

 I finished it, but it wasn’t even close to my best work. I feel like I’m burning out, so I haven’t been giving my all to anything for awhile.

See, the thing is, there’s just so much else I would rather be doing. Like taking the dog for a long walk in the trails with a boy . . .

And then giving her a bath when the trails made her smell awful.

And then watching her as she punished me by rolling around in my laundry after said bath.


Or having a girls night that involved way too much food, and Magic Mike.

All these things are way more fun than sitting around and reading my text books. Which is why I’m sucking so hard in school right now.

Last year, I was so inspired and excited to be in school, but this year, I’m just tired of it. It’ll be fun to see how I get through the next 3 years (or so). Hopefully I’ll get it together sometime between now and then, because seriously, my slacking is getting seriously out of hand.

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