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Getting on those Goals!

Posted Nov 01 2011 11:08pm

Happy November! 11/1/11. What a fun date! I think this calls for some goals, what do you say?

[BY THE WAY … SUPER important question at the end of the post – I’d LOVE your input!]

One thing that baffles me every. single. year. when March or April comes around is that the “get your bikini body” programs and ideas come out then. Since when did getting your bikini body for most people take only a few weeks? I always feel like they should remind people to start looking at their goals and start going after their bikini bodies for the summer in the dead of winter. Why? Because then by the time beach weather rolls around you are DEFINITELY going to be rockin’ those abs and that self confidence you’ve built! Smile

That being said, let’s take a look at what YOUR goals are. I always feel that it’s good to get your goals down solid before the Holiday season gets into full swing, because keeping an eye on those goals throughout the busy, stressful, and full-of-treats-everywhere season will help you stay on track.

Start by writing your goals down. Physically putting them down to see makes them more real. And something about check marking or scratching a line through completed goals gives you such a great feeling of accomplishment.

While you’re writing these down, think of realistic, measureable goals. For example, “lose 4 pants sizes by Christmas” instead of “lose weight.” Since it’s measureable, it gives you a specific detail to shoot for, motivating you even more. And remember, just because you’re thinking realistically (patience IS a virtue), doesn’t mean anything isn’t possible. Because anything IS possible if you put your mind to it.

Think of and Write Down:

  • Physical goals (lose weight, gain muscle, stick to nutrition plan)
  • Mental goals (related to happiness, kindness, being good to YOURSELF as well as others)
  • Functional goals (lift a specific amount of weight, run an specific distance)
  • Things you’d like to accomplish (fitness related or not)
  • And really – ANYTHING you can think of.

Let’s just start with goals for November, and then a separate list for goals before the New Year, and then goals before next summer, etc. But one step at a time. Let’s start with November.

Now, what do you need to do to achieve these goals? Do research? Learn more? Hire someone to help you? Whatever it is you need to do, write that down next to your goal, it’ll help you get one step closer to achieving it!

Help motivate yourself!

  • Make yourself a folder in your online bookmarks of your favorite motivating blogs *wink wink*
  • Make yourself a collage out of old magazines with positive quotes and inspiring pictures
  • Write yourself reminders in lipstick on your mirror, or black marker for the guys ;)
  • Leave yourself post-it notes on your fridge or in your car!

Anything to help keep you going gets a thumbs up Thumbs up by me!

^ An example of a motivational collage!

^ An example of a post-it note quote for your fridge!

So you ask, what happens if you achieve all your goals before November is up? First of all, I want to hear about it. Because HOLY MOLY. And second of all …

Always. Always. Always.

And last but not least …

…EVER. I believe in you. Now it’s your turn to believe in you!


What are your goals for November?

I will be doing a post on my current goals, and intermittently posting about other goals I meet or are working on in other posts that I do. Smile My list is looong! Don’t even feel that you can be TOO ambitious! What do they say? Reach for the moon and you’ll land among the stars, right? Winking smile


Would you be interested in me putting together an accountability, stick to it through the Holidays challenge that you could choose to participate in?

I’m really hoping you like this idea, it’d be great to get a community going, a place where we can all support each other in our goals! Let me know your thoughts and what you’d love to see in it and what you’d like to get out of it! Open-mouthed smile

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