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Posted Aug 21 2012 6:59pm

“get granola” he said.

I was excited about this because I haven’t had granola in a while, and I’m a BIG fan. Two points for Nathan for suggesting something we haven’t had on our list in a while.  

As I was quickly walking in the grocery store collecting the few items I needed on my list for a Sunday night and the rest of the week, I was pleased with my time (I hate dillydallying in grocery stores. I’m more of a get in-get out grocery store girl…) and turned the last corner to the granola aisle… and then stopped…..for about 20minutes.  

Holy Granola!  

For some strange reason (maybe because I realized I could possibly make a post about this on my blog) I couldn’t decide on which granola to get. Decisions, Decisions!

  1. Love Crunch

            Cascadian Farms

3.   Bear Naked 

I’ve had Cascadian Farm granola, and I’ve had Bear Naked granola before. I’ve also  never had a bad granola.  I love granola.  I love to eat granola plain, right out of the box or bag. I also like to put large handfulls of it into yogurt.  In fact, I’m eating granola out of the bag RIGHT NOW. !!!

So it was a tough decision for me to make….like usual.  I wanted them all!  I wanted the chocolate granola, I wanted the berry granola, I wanted the plain granola.  Did I mention I wanted the chocolate granola…?  

After what seemed like forever I said, OH WHAT THE HECK….and picked one.

and the winner is……
Bear Naked Fit Triple Berry Crunch!

It’s delicious.  It’s a little on the sweeter side for both of our tastebuds, and theres a little  more’ “berryness” than I had imagined… the granola itself tastes like berries.  It also comes with freeze dried rasberries, blueberries and strawberries in it too! YUM!

Here’s a picture of it with some yogurt:

“Do you like it?”  I asked him.

“Yeah” He said.

…. I guess it’s as simple as “get granola.”



Have you had any of the granola that I’ve mentioned in this post? 

Do you have a specific FAVORITE granola?

How do you like to eat granola? 

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