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Getting Fit4Summer: My top 10 tips for living a healthy lifestyle

Posted Jun 19 2011 12:49pm

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The folks over at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt are currently running a Fit4Summer campaign.  In honour of this occasion I am proud to present my top ten tips for anyone looking to live healthily for life and get in shape for the bikini season.

Over at Fondant Fitness, we believe in TOTAL Fitness and encourage our clients to look after their physical, nutritional, medical, social and mental health.  With that in mind, let’s get started…

Tip 1 – Snack

Snacking forms an important part of any healthy eating plan.  Snacking helps regulate our blood sugar levels and metabolism throughout the day and discourages overeating at meal times.  Snacks fill the gaps between breakfast, lunch and dinner and allow us to eat every 2-3 hours for optimal performance.  Look out for new great snack options, such as sweet peppers & hummus, strawberries & low-fat yogurt, and apples & almonds. 

Tip 2 – Meditate

Take time out of the day just for you… Meditation does not have to involve incense and chanting.  Simply find a quiet relaxing spot to sit and concentrate on your breathing patterns for 5 minutes a day.  Meditation is a powerful tool which reduces stress, promotes good health and deep relaxation, plus focuses the mind whilst grounding and strengthening you – allocate five minutes in your diary today and start practising straight away.

Tip 3 – Have Fun with Friends

Get a group of friends together and start-up a new activity… Why not try bowling, salsa, roller derby, Zumba or even healthy cooking classes?  You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t realise you’re getting fit at the same time; and laughter is the best medicine :D   Check out your local advertisements for details of events near you.

Tip 4 – Cross Train

Don’t stick to the same exercise routine week in and out… Variety is the spice of life and the key to seeing improvements in your overall health and fitness.  Variety also sparks the imagination and motivation.  Kick boredom in the butt and try cycling with the family, running with friends, swimming at your local pool and walking wherever possible.

Tip 5 – Body Weight Exercises

Resistance training is an extremely important part of any exercise programme, but is often sadly overlooked.  Resistance training helps build muscle which continues to burn calories even while you’re not exercising – why wouldn’t anyone want that?!!  Resistance training does not mean that you have to build bulldozer sized biceps; by using body weight exercises you can create an all over body tone whilst still looking soft and shapely.  No equipment is required, which means no expense and no excuses!  Get back to the basics and crunch, lunge, squat and press-up to your muscles content.

Tip 6 – Throw a Party

Invite your friends and family over for dinner.  Introduce your loved ones to your love of healthy eating.  Enjoy a fabulously fun evening to boost your mood and support systems, whilst saving pennies and losing pounds.  Perfect!

Tip 7 – Take a Health M.O.T.

Your health is the most important thing you own.  Take good care of it.  Channel 4 have a health checker tool available online but be sure to visit your GP or a specialist regularly for their support and professional guidance about any concerns you may have.

Tip 8 – Give Back

Start spreading the good karma and do something wonderful for yourself and for charity; get fit and help others in need.  Get a group of people together and enter an organised sponsored fitness event; or why not organise your own?  Relive your youth and hold a sports day – rediscover the charm and chuckles of the sack race, wheelbarrows, three-legged run and softball :D

Tip 9 – Love Yourself

True health and happiness comes from within.  Love yourself and let other people be drawn to your warmth.  Write your own ‘top ten’ list of the best things about you and place them on sticky notes around your home for you to see everyday.  When you see a note, stand in front of a mirror and repeat the phrase to yourself ten times – let your light shine:  “I am growing fitter and stronger every day in every way”

Tip 10 – Sleep

Catch those Zzzzzs and say hello to your favourite fence-jumping sheep…  Sleep is an overlooked tool in everybody’s health and fitness tool kit.  Sleep is important because it can rejuvenate your body, improve your brain function, boost your metabolic function and prevent against premature ageing.  So start getting to bed early and feel fit and fresh everyday.

Bonus Tip – Following healthy living blogs is another great way to learn more about exercise and nutrition…  Every day new people start blogs to help them keep a track of their own progress and to meet like-minded motivational people.   Visit the following blossoming bloggers and gather inspiration for your own journey:

I would like to pass the blogging baton on to these lovely ladies and ask them to share their top 10 healthy living tips with you all too :)

Furthermore, if you would like to win a months supply of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt check out their competition here – best of luck!

Get fit and have fun! ♥ SJ

Disclaimer:  All content written upon this blog solely represents the views of Fondant Fitness.  Please consult your doctor before embarking upon any new exercise and nutritional plans.

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