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Getting beach ready (and trying not to feel like a beached whale!)

Posted Jun 23 2012 7:54pm
I'm headed to the beach in seven days.  Yikes!  That's just next week.  That should be some sort of incentive for me to get in gear and think about getting bathing suit ready.  In preparation, I am eating a rice cake while I type.  Honestly, it's been a bit difficult to eat as clean as I should with NOT having a regular schedule these days because of my boys baseball craziness.  Also, let's face it.  I tend to get a little more relaxed and let things slide this time of year.  However, never fear. . . . this month's Women's Health magazine appeared in my mailbox today with a cover article claiming to get me bikini ready in 7 days.  How did they know it was perfect timing?

So, beginning tomorrow this is what I am to doSunday:  eliminate all processed foods.  "If you can't pronounce the ingredients, the food is off-limits."  Don't I preach that all the time anyway?  I will be shopping in the produce aisle and eating foods that have mothers.

Monday:  lay off the sauce - and they mean the alcohol.  We all know what the alcohol does.  It dehydrates us, fills us up with empty calories and then has the nerve to give us the munchies.  I'll have none of that - until I get my toes in the sand, that is!  

Tuesday:  get a fiber fix - they tell me to not nix the carbs completely.  Add flaxseed to yogart or almonds to a salad.  If I'm having a carb craving I'll have to go for quinoa, barley or brown rice.  I think I can handle that. 

Wednesday:   burn, baby burn - and I thought they were talking about exercise.  No, this tip is to feed the metabolism by eating small meals throughout the day.  I'll aim for 300 - 350 calories each and limit two snacks to no more than 150 calories each.  No big portions!

Thursday:   banish bloat.  No they're talking!  The tip is to lay off the broccoli, peppers and onions and eat  more cucumbers, spinach and asparagus.  It also says that potassium rich bananas and oranges help get rid of water.  That's something new for me.  I didn't know that trick, so I'll be following that one from now on.

Friday:  flush it out - as in drink lots of water.  This is an oldie but goodie.  It says to drink four to six liters of water every day.  Also, to sip it slowly so it actually enters the bloodstream rather than filtering straight through causing many multiple bathroom trips.  This one always gets me at night.  

Saturday:  befriend protein - Haven't I even written about this? A really good, protein filled breakfast fills us up and keeps us from snacking later on.  Breakfast with protein is key for me to keep the rest of the day on track.

Well, there wasn't anything too crazy in this bikini ready article.  There is no fasting, drinking hot lemon water or cayenne peppered drinks.  It doesn't even tell me to go crazy on the cardio and work out for hours a day.  It all sounds pretty sensible.  

I think some of the best advice on looking and feeling slimmer in a bathing suit, or anything for that matter, is to focus on posture.  Getting rid of the dropped shoulders, sagging boobs (if you are lucky enough to have any) and belly pooch do wonders! 
This will be  my "go-to",  get beach ready in a week,  fix.  I'll let you know if I'm feeling bathing suit ready by next week!

What do you do before a beach trip?  Any good tips?  How do you get ready for the bathing suit?   
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