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Getting back on track. A few tips and strategies to feeling healthier and maybe lighter...

Posted Sep 04 2013 9:39pm

Sometimes you have a string of weekends filled with travel, celebrations, parties, events, or any excuse to indulge or have your normal eating/working out routine thrown off the track.  I have kept my workouts pretty consistent but some of my normal eating habits have been sidelined and I don't feel as good when that happens.  Labor day weekend was the last weekend for a while of parties and travel so Monday evening was filled with food prep for the week and planning.  Here are my strategies to getting back to my normal healthy routines
Food prep!  Chop fruits and veggies on Sunday for the week for easy snacking.  

Pre-package snacks for the week for easy snacking on the go.  Measure out serving size snacks of nuts, trail mix, cereal to keep portions under control

Make a large bowl of quinoa, farro, brown rice for easy meal assembly.  This is the ingredient that usually requires the most time in cooking.  Having a large pot ready for the week speeds up the process!

Make a menu for the week.  In our house before I head to work I prep whatever food can be prepped for dinner to make the cooking process as simple as possible, i.e. season and marinate meats, fish, chicken and leave a note with directions for the hubby so all he has to do is put it on the grill or in the oven.  Assemble ingredients for main dishes; cut, mix, etc.

LImit alcohol consumption!  I'm not a big drinker but some of us enjoy our nightly wine or beer to finish off the day.  Save it for Friday or Saturday and make it special!

Keep healthy snacks with you at all times.  This will help avoid temptation of picking something up that might not be very healthy  or binging when you get home. 

Schedule workouts into your calendar as if they are meetings.  Look at classes at the beginning of the week to make sure you make it to what you want.  

Carry a water bottle with you at all times!   

Finish the day off with a walk and a big glass of water to help you sleep.

Remember to take vitamins and supplements everyday!


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