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Get Rid Of Pimples and Not Life

Posted Nov 16 2010 7:22am

Acne is one of the greatest reasons for stress between teenagers. A young girl or a boy gets acne (pimples) and they think their life is finished. They are too obsessed with their looks. Not only young people, but several of the mid- aged men and women suffer from persistent acne issues. It’s like a big scar on your personality. Not only looks, but to get rid of pimples is essential for staying healthy and avoiding infections. There are various treatments for acne, and the most used today are cosmetic creams and medicinal drugs. These drugs are found to cure severe acne in people. They may heal your acne, but compel you to commit suicide. It isn’t funny. One of the new researches claim that people who decide to receive drug treatments for severe acne may have more tendency to attempt suicide. This is linked to depression which is triggered with the new drugs for acne treatment.

But is it really so? Can treatment drugs be a reason for suicidal depression? The researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden do not agree. They describe that the risk of suicidal attempts is more due to the depressions caused because of failure of appearance of expected results after use of drug treatment for acne. About 6,000 people had been prescribed with the drug Isotretinoin for acne treatment. Out of these over 1,000 people were recorded to attempt a suicide and more than 120 of them were successful. These cases were more incidental because of the mental conditions persistent in people with acne severities. The drug treatment posed lower risks of suicide than the actual problem itself.

Severe acne is not a condition that could be called trivial. It is hugely associated with risks of attempting suicides. It was found that years back, when drugs for acne treatments were not even out, there were numerous cases of suicidal attempts linked to patients of acne. But there was a certain rise in the risks of the suicides among general population who wanted to get rid of pimples was seen to appear within 6 months of the commencement of their drug treatment for acne. Reports say that the treatment had to last for several months, and sometimes years, to show good affects and some patients even needed recursive therapies for assuring complete cure. This may be one reason – the delay, or sometimes failures, in achieving the expected results – for increase in suicide ratios of acne ailed people, and that too after their exposure to medicines and drugs for treating their pimples.

The number of attempts was on a rise, but actual suicide cases due to acne and the related drugs count less. One more fact could come into picture for now that severity of acne is harsh due to already existing depressive conditions in the patient’s life. It is all the game of hormones and the brain in the body. A patient of depression, or improper thinking, is bound to get pimples. And drugs for curing them may have an adverse or rebounding effect on the depressive conditions, which further compel the person to commit suicides.

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