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Get Rid Of Bad Breath Fast!

Posted Mar 21 2009 3:19pm

Nobody’s perfect! We often hear that phrase almost every day, if not every week. Whenever expectations are not being met properly, we usually hear this line. Every individual is constantly affected with diseases. Even the most perfect person in our eyes may be suffering from such physical imperfection in the form of bad breath.

Bad breath or halitosis is the foul odor emanating from someone’s mouth. I simply call it the eternal stench. Rich or poor people are looking for ways on how to get rid of this foul odor in the fastest way possible. It is very important to know that not all people who suffer from bad breath are aware that they have it. So the swiftest way to find a cure for bad breath is to know if someone has it or not. Then that’s when all the possible remedies can be applied. Know that the problem exists and be ready to take the appropriate actions.

There are three ways to quickly cure bad breath. First is to conduct a Self Check. It is important to know that cupping one’s hand to smell one’s breath will not be enough.One has to do both the anterior and posterior check. The front most part of the tongue is what we call the anterior region. Now all you have to do is lick your hand or wrist. Let your saliva dry for about three to five minutes. What is important is that it is dry when you smell it. If the odor is foul, then you definitely have bad breath. The back most part of the tongue is obviously the posterior region. What you can do is to use a tongue cleaner or a spoon. Just scoop the white matter you are seeing on your tongue. This may gross you out but you really have to smell it. The truth always prevails. So once again, if the odor is very unpleasant, you have what some people have - a chronic case of bad breath.

Now that you already know your exact breath condition, it’s time to take pro-active actions and seek a bad breath remedy.

1. Diligently observe and maintain exemplary if not good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth three times a day. Floss everyday and use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth. It is best to buy a tooth brush that has a tongue cleaner. This will definitely ensure that there are no food particles stuck in between teeth or any white matter on your tongue that will promote the increase of bacteria.

2. Drink lots of water. You can substitute fresh fruits in the absence of water. Take note that a dry mouth is a source of bad breath. Water not just flushes food particles in your mouth, it also hydrates your mouth tissues.

3. If you really cannot avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, coffee or food rich in exotic spices then you may use gum that is sugar free, mints and candies. You may want to capitalize on mouth sprays for immediate remedy. Please keep in mind that these products provide temporary relief. It does not solve the real cause of one’s halitosis.

The second fastest cure for bad breath is to consult your dentist. These experts are trained to check your teeth if they have cavities or plaque. They can also see if you have gingivitis which can be the main source of your bad breath. If your dentist cannot find anything wrong with your teeth and gums then he or she may refer you to a physician who can check on more serious conditions that may be causing your eternal stench.One major systemic cause is ketones. These are smelly chemicals that are excreted through perspiration, urine or exhaled breath. People who have diabetes, has inadequate carbohydrate intake or has been starving usually have ketones building up in their blood which causes his or her halitosis.

The third surest way to cure bad breath is a change in your diet. Studies show that food rich in protein can cause bad breath. The breakdown of protein in the mouth found in steaks, chicken and dairy products can definitely promote bad breath . You can also eat avocado since it has successfully eliminated bacteria causing bad breath.

There are really no shortcuts in improving one’s health. Health is indeed one’s treasure . A simple case of bad breath can mean a loss of opportunities to somebody who has it. It can also mean a loss of one’s valuable life. It’s never too late to take this thing for granted. Just follow the suggestions provided and your existence will surely be a breath of fresh air.

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