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Get Loaded: A Lesson in Loading Yogurt

Posted Jun 27 2010 8:56am
So I totally love that you guys love sushi every bit as much as I do! I'm thinking a virtual sushi party is in order? Could we arrange that!? I'll start working on it now!

getting loaded.
If I had to pick just one snack for the rest of my life - it would undoubtedly be loaded yogurt. There's just so much you can do with it! No loaded yogurt is the same! When I first start making them, I didn't really have any set plan. I may or may not have just randomly thrown things in a bowl. Now however, after months of experience, I have a whole system. A super top-secret system which I would like to share with you now. Prepare your innocent little eyes because this post will self-destruct.

First things first - the yogurt. Some people prefer soy yogurt, some people love their low-fat, but I (and I'm sure a bunch of you bloggies) will always heart greek yogurt. It's just so rich and thick! The perfect conveyor for all my loaded goodness. My favorite brand?

( source )

Why Fage of course! Though Trader Joe's also puts up a good fight for first. Don't take my word for it, though. Try out a bunch of brands! I've heard good things about Oikos, but I would definitely avoid the Yoplait. Yuck.

Now I wouldn't advise this step if you're working with already flavored yogurt, but if you've got your little mitts on the plain or vanilla variety - you can spice things up a bit with just a dash of cocoa powder, carob powder, vanilla extract, brown sugar, cinnamon, whatever you'd like! I personally love choco-tizing my yogurt, but that's probably because I have some serious addiction issues with chocolate. I can quit whenever I want!

( source )

Now I don't know about you, but to me, greek yogurt tastes about as sweet as a spoonful of rocks. Why not cover those rocks in agave nectar, honey, maple syrup or jelly? Blueberry jelly, preferably. And no rocks. If you're crazy you don't have a gigantic sweet tooth like me, you could skip this step. I guess. But then we probably couldn't be friends.

( source )

Note to self: I apparently need to find out where they sell the industrial-sized agave nectar.

Let's get real here - we wouldn't be health food bloggies if we weren't trying to slip fruits and veggies into every food possible. Why stop at loaded yogurt?! I personally tend to favor strawberries, blueberries and bananas in my loaded meal, but you could also have some success in blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, apples, maybe not oranges so much, but hey if that's your thing, roll with it. Go crazy.

( source )
crunch factor.
Everything tastes better with a little crunch. It's science, people. I don't make the rules. To get that sought after crunchiness, try adding some uncooked raw oats, granola, cereal, puffed rice, graham crackers, whatever floats your boat. I love love love Puffins in mine!

( source )

So good! I promise, they won't get soggy. I also like throwing in a handful of Honey O's or even some crumbled Kashi Cinnamon Shredded Wheat. Seriously. Yum.

naught bits.
Now comes my favorite part - the naughty bits. Things like dark chocolate chips, cacao nibs, crumbled cookies, muffins or vitatops, whipped cream, get creative! The only thing I would advise against is peanut butter. For some reason, the thick texture of peanut butter does NOT go well with the rest of the yogurt. Trust me on this one. But fear not, because where peanut butter fails, peanut butter sauce will never let you down. Just mix a little almond milk with your peanut butter and voila! PB sauce! It's totally genius. It's also changed my life dramatically in ways I never thought possible.

( source )

White Chocolate Wonderful. There's nothing better. I've given up even trying. So now, I'm dying to know
What's your favorite loaded yogurt combo?

You know I'm always trying to squeeze new ideas from you guys. Don't front, you love it. (:
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