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Get in the Right Mindset to Exercise Regularly

Posted Mar 31 2013 11:00pm
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Happy Monday!

Let’s kickstart the week with a bit of MOTIVATION.

Without further ado, I’m excited to announce a NEW and FABULOUS partnership with the folks at!  I will be working with them to bring you fresh content that is motivating, inspiring, and OH-MY-GOSH-TODAY-IS-MY-DAY-isms.  

Today, we’re talking about your MIND–and getting in the right mindset to exercise regularly ( read about my recent 6.25% dedication to myself and my fitness here ).  I talk and talk about fitness becoming a routine.

When you keep at it, you begin to LOVE it.  It takes time.  You must overcome your mind before you can overcome your body.

 Guest Post By:

Getting in shape is not that difficult a resolution to keep.

You just have to set your mind into goal-mode, and exercise will come naturally to you. Here are five simple steps in order to get into the right mindset to work out regularly. Remember, exercise not only makes you look better, but it makes you feel better, as well.

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