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Get in Shape For Spring Mindfully

Posted Mar 24 2011 8:58am

total yoga detox
Photo: Sara Novak

I may or may not have gotten on the scale last week and become a little disgruntled by the number it read. I should have known better, I gave up weighing myself years ago and replaced it with a trusty pair of slim fitting jeans that serve to keep me on track. But the scale sat there so innocently waiting for me to hop on top. I already knew that the numbers would make me feel guilty because I had just gotten back from 10 days of vacation.

I decided then are there to put the scale away, never to bring it out again and instead, pull those slim fitting jeans back from behind the closet. It was time for a good cleanse. Each spring around this time I try and do a gentle detox to get back on track . The detox consists of kitchari, oats, meditation, and yoga while shunning caffeine, dairy, meat, processed foods, and sugar. It’s quite gentle on the system but it does require that you clear your schedule for about a week in order to take an aerial view of your life. What habits are working and what ideas need to be replaced because they no longer serve you?

The only reason to make health changes in your life is for yourself. If you make them because you want to look good for that high school reunion or because you want that boy in the cubicle next to you to give you a chance, then you’re destined to fail. Sooner or later you’ll slip up and say screw it, ‘I always do this’ or ’I can’t do this,’ because in the end you don’t think that you’re worth making real health changes. Detox your diet and your life because you want to nourish this body that you’ve been given so that you feel good inside and out.

Check out my 6 Days and 6 Ways: Total Yoga Detox . It’s a great way to start spring fresh and most importantly learn a little self compassion.

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