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Get a Dentist Appointment to Eliminate Snoring

Posted Jan 08 2009 3:08pm
by Thomas Wilson

If your sleeping partner snores like a freight train, no doubt you have done everything in your power to get them to try an endless list of anti-snoring remedies. A revolutionary product that has recently become available is a dental implant, only available at your local dentist’s office. While there is also a device that can be bought over the counter for the same purpose, there is a big difference between the two, just as there is a big difference between buying glasses at the store to help you read and going to an optometrist for prescription glasses.

Common Reasons for Snoring

If you have trouble sleeping due to the snoring problem of your sleeping partner, you may be interested to know why they snore. The main reason is that the muscles in their throat relax too much while they sleep, causing their airway to collapse and vibrate, thus creating the noise associated with snoring. Before you spend a small fortune on dental implants, investigate well the cause behind your snoring since there are many.

One of the most frequent causes of snoring is being overweight. Extra fat that accumulates in the neck creates problems with your air passages. Drinking a lot of alcohol before bed can also trigger snoring, as well as other medications such as cold medicine and sleeping pills. All of the latter cause snoring by causing all of your muscles, including those in your throat, to relax to the point that your airway closes.

This information, however, isn’t meant to substitute a certified doctor’s examination. Sometimes the cause for snoring may be a serious medical problem, such as a throat tumor, abnormalities in the respiratory system, or snoring apnea. If this is the case, money would be wasted on an ordinary anti-snore device. Such cases usually call for surgery.

How Can a Dental Implant Help?

The majority of people with snoring problems have one because of the position of their head and neck while they sleep. That is what a dental implant helps you to correct. Even in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep, an implant will keep you from getting in the wrong position. Implants fall into two main categories.

The cheapest device resembles the mouth guards frequently worn by athletes. These devices, usually constructed of either metal or plastic, reduce snoring by doing the following. They don’t allow your tongue or your jaw to get out of position and obstruct your breathing passage.

The implant mentioned at the outset, which costs a lot of money although is known to be quite effective, is called palatal implantation. While at your dentist’s office, you will be given sedatives while they insert tiny plastic implants into your soft palate. This will ensure that your mouth stays in the right position, eliminating snoring.

About the Author:
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