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Get ‘er done!

Posted Oct 28 2010 4:51am

Morning All!

How are ya doing today? Last night after work I went to the gym with one of my besties to do the new Body Combat release and it was awesome! We did the class last week as well and two days later I was feeling muscles in my back that I never knew I had. Hopefully my bod is getting a little more used to it now and won’t be so sore 24 hours later . I foam rolled this morning and so far so good!

Post-Body Combat, I was feeling pretty ravenous so I zipped home for dinner as fast as my little car could get me there (legally). While I showered, I roasted up some butternut squash and Brussels sprouts in the oven, then threw them into a frying pan with parsnip, roasted red pepper strips, garlic, flaked light tuna, a few roasted red pepper strips, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and some basil and oregano. In a few minutes, I had this:

Veggie extravaganza. Definitely hit the spot. Nom nom nom! :D

Goal Check-In

Since it’s almost November (whaaaat!?), I thought it would be a good time to do a little check-in on the goals I set back in September . I know it was a while ago, and the ones I included on my vision board are not all meant to be achieved by the end of this year – but some are.

I realized one of my strengths this weekend. I’m a great planner. I can come up with master plans – workout plans, eating plans, budget plans, weekend plans – you name it, this girl looooooves to plan. Putting the plans into action though – well, let’s just say I’m not always so hot in that department.

Since it is indeed almost November, I had a heart to heart with myself recently in attempt to light a fire under my backside and get moving on my goals. One I’ve been working on this week is being able to do a real chin up. According to Mr. Trainer, I’m almost there! But maybe that’s just him being polite.

(Click for source)

Another goal I set was to become Nutrition & Wellness Specialist-certified by the end of 2010. As I showed you on Tuesday , my course materials arrived in the post last week and I’m all ready to get ‘er done!

You may be wondering, “but what is this course she’s doing? What exactly will she be certified to do?” Well, it’s your lucky day because I’m going to answer those questions!

What is the Nutrition & Wellness Specialist course? First, the Can Fit Pro explanation:

A program for participants who want more in depth nutritional information, weight management concepts, stress management solutions and lifestyle consulting for both active and underactive people.

Want a little more detail? Well, the NWS is a 22-hour course offered through Can Fit Pro. It is designed to help fitness professionals help their clients build healthy bodies through proper nutrition. It includes topics such as nutrition basics, how to manage weight (losing or gaining), nutrition for athletes, and complimentary therapies to go along with healthy eating.

What will I be certified to do?

Once I complete my written and practical exams, I will be able to provide counseling on weight management and general well being. Since the program is based on Canada’s Food Guide , the general recommendations I’ll be qualified to give are also based on this. Nutrition and Wellness Specialists also provide advice on proper nutrition, solutions for managing stress and living a healthy lifestyle, and referrals to health professionals.

(Click to download a pdf of Canada's Food Guide)

Why do I want this so badly anyway? Is the reason job-related?

Well yes, but only partly. My main motive for taking this course is because – in case you haven’t noticed – I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to food. I find it absolutely fascinating. Although my part-time fitness career is just that – part time, I want to compliment my existing certifications with a nutrition-based one. In doing so, I hope to be able to give my class participants, and you dear bloggies, more informed and higher-quality answers to your questions.

Oh, and did I mention the particular course I’m doing is being held at Whole Foods? In the same city as a Lululemon? A coincidence indeed! ;)

Whole Foods hot bar, we will reunite again soon!

Ok, it’s go time for me. Work calls! But first, my questions for today:

  • What goals do you plan to reach by the end of November? By the end of 2010?
  • Which ones do you struggle most with?
  • Do you have any nutrition certifications? Which ones? What motivated you to become certified?
  • In case you’re new to Eat Spin Run Repeat, you can catch up on my previous goal setting posts by visiting the Top Posts page and scrolling to the “About Goal Setting and Time Management” section.

Have a great day!

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