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Germany day 7 & 8: fair market and saying goodbye

Posted Dec 18 2009 12:00am

Last two days in Germany with Mara and Gunther were quite relaxing. We went to Munich for some walking and an international fair market with food, music and handicrafts. Although it was very cold, Mara and I were freezed, I enjoyed everything! :D

This 8 days 7 nights trip in Germany was AMAZING! It was great visiting Munich, Erding, Italy and Austria, but what I enjoyed most was reuniting with Mara and meeting her husband Gunther. Spending time with my BFF was NECESSARY for me, for Mara and for our relationship. I am lucky to have my family and Star to be my support group, but being with Mara gave me another shot of energy and positivism! I don’t know how to describe exactly how I feel, it’s like there’s part of me that was missing, a true friend, a female soul mate, a person who I can trust 100%, who I can count whenever I need for whatever I need. It’s just soooo wonderful!!! :D I promise myself to do whatever it takes to maintain this friendship which is so precious, it might involve more emailing, more calling and more trips! Wooo….. such a sacrifice! ;)

Enjoy last few pictures of Germany :)

International fair market


First food to try was a pizza type bread topped with bacon



#2 bavarian sausage


I’ve never had white sausage, so we had white sausage with krauts


#3 the best italian pizza I’ve had in many years



I devoured this little thing in <10 min! ;) Its crust is thin and crunchy, not greasy at all and the topping incredible tasty! I wish I had more of it!


#4 potato cakes (a traditional bavarian food)


served with apple mousse


real delish too! :)



#6 Another typical bread topped with bacon



This is a cafe that we went and I like its decor a lot

IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2837.JPG

I ordered a ham sandwich! :shock: I don’t know how I converted to a meat eater in just a week. It was an unconscious conversion and I happily accepted the fact! ;)


And then we had to say goodbye. It was not a sad goodbye because we (Mara and I) feel closer to each other with this trip and it made us value even more our friendship! :D

Q1: How do you keep up with you BFF? How often do you see each other?

Q2: What did you buy as Christmas gifts to your family?

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