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Germany day 1!

Posted Dec 10 2009 12:00am

I’m in GERMANY!!! With MARA and Gunther!!! I can’t describe the feeling of being with your BFF, to talk with someone that you understand and understands you, to be with someone who you don’t have to think about twice before saying a word, to just look each other and feel warm and close, to see a mirror of yourself in other creature in this world, to have soooooo much to talk about! Literally since I arrived (8AM) until we said goodbye at night (10PM) we didn’t STOP, TALKING TALKING and MORE TALKING!!! I think we didn’t have even a moment of silence! Soooo many things to catch up, so many little details to tell, so many short episodes of life that we had no one to share to!!! I’m SOOOO BLESSED to have her in my life (other than Star obviously ;) ).

Okay. A little recap of the day 1. First, we’re in a small medieval town called Erding, 45 min away from Munich. It’s a small town where local products and traditions have special value for the people. As every european city, streets are narrow, stores are small but cute and you can walk everyone. :)

This is a cafe called aran. I really like its decoration.


IMG_2413.JPG IMG_2424.JPG

We had tea and orange juice to continue our TALKING ;)



IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2422.JPG


This is a Christmas fair…. or street market where traditional food and drinks (warm wine) are offered.






For dinner, Gunther suggested to go for Bavarian food, so we went to this place called XXX (to be filled) which is a very traditional local restaurant, hundred years of history.

The entrance




as you can see, Christmas decoration was in place (as the rest of the town)





I specially like these wall lights


Gunther and I shared two Bavarian dishes. This one is beef (cow’s cheek) cooked in a wine sauce, served with traditional bread which is like a bread pudding.


I was skeptical about Bavarian food because Mara told me I might not like it because they’re dense, fatty and heavy on red meat. But for my surprise, I really like this dish. It’s so tender and the sauce has a taste that I’ve never had before, not too strong but flavored enough, very unique.  The “bread” is good, but this one didn’t have much taste, so I only had a piece of it.


a side salad was served.

sliced pork cooked at the oven for hours, served with another kind of “bread” flavored with herb and crispy skin


the pork was okay, but not overwhelming, but the “bread” was really good, I had one big bowl of it. Oh… the skin was crunchy and tasty, not greasy at all.


I had more than half of the first dish but Gunther generously offered to finish it and he did it well ;)

Dessert: a traditional Bavarian dessert. It tastes and looks like pancake, but the dough is thicker, denser and has a strong flavor of butter. It’s not too sweet and has the perfect texture. I’d love to have it as breakfast! :D


it comes with a warm apple sauce


I did a quick blogger’s friend protocol to them! :D Look how Gunther patiently waited until I my “duties”! ;)


Such a perfect day 1 but I’m sure the days to come will be even better. Our plan includes Munich, Erding Thermal (the most famous of Europe) and Ski at an italian medieval town! oh… and passing by Austria! Woooo!!!!

As you can see, I’ll be “busy” so sorry in advance that I won’t be commenting much, but I do read your posts! :D

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