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Genital Warts Natural Home Cures that Work

Posted Apr 18 2011 2:58am

Genital warts (venereal warts) are deemed as among the most unbridled STDs worldwide. As per CDC figures, over twenty million individuals in just the U.S. have HPV or human papillomavirus which is causal to genital wart formations. Trials carried out even reveal that around 6 million genital warts cases are cited yearly. Males as well as females could ail from genital warts which are bump or growth formations which appear on the vulval, penile, vaginal, anal, thighs, cervical or scrotal areas. These could be solo or multiplying, flattish or risen, large or smallish sized. HPV is deemed as the commonest reasons for STD & is of eighty types, majority of them causing genital warts. Almost fifty percent of females with HPV infection are unaware of its presence since they are asymptomatic.

Genital warts can be spread via orally, vaginally or anally done sexual intercourse with an HPV-infected mate. It is theorized that the viral form chiefly gains entry in the tissues of the genitals due to microscopic abrasions that could occur at the time of sex.

Genital warts are soft-textured, damp, highly communicable growths surfacing in & about the anal, penile, vaginal, groin &/or scrotal area. Among males, these could develop in the urethral area as well. These are generally pinkish/ reddish in appearance & resembling small cauliflower-like heads, mostly occurring in bunches though even appearing as single growths. Since the genital warts don’t surface till 3 or more months subsequent to the person has contracted HPV infection, the viral form could be transmitted even prior to the individual knowing that he/ she has contracted it. Though genital warts are non-cancerous, they seem to be causing cervical alterations which might be an antecedent to cancer of the cervix. A baby delivered to a mom having genital warts might also be contracting it.

Genital Warts D.I.Y. Home Cures

Here are some widely popular home remedies that are often the first-line-of-treatment preferred by many people.

    Certainly, genital warts could be removed by the use of Tea Tree or sapling oil which is to be rubbed on the bothersome spots with the help of cotton swabs. Some extent of slight stinging feeling is normal. This application must ideally be continued for one time daily for about seven days. Generally the warts would be changing colour – turning whitish & then scabbing off. Squeezing some juice from the onions and the use of salt could assist in extracting additional juices off the cut onions. Now, the afflicted genital parts are to be lubricated with the juiced onions. The best method of getting the juice of onions is slicing adequate amount of them & placing over a platter & setting aside for eight to ten hours. The juice obtained herewith is to be applied with a piece of cotton on the genital warts on every four-hourly time intervals. Continue this treatment advice till the warts have subsided. Apple cider vinegar employed on a nightly basis during bedtimes by use of cotton balls is considered as a potent treatment for genital warts. So extent of likely tingling or also skin stinging & discomforting sensations could be experienced. Even non-diluted white wine vinegar application could do wonders on those ghastly warts. Try using band aid or operative tapes for covering the medicated regions & keeping it throughout the night. Take it off at dawn & cleanse the inflicted region with tepid water properly. Rinsing & repeating at dawn pre-bed times. The warts would alter colour perhaps slight itchiness felt. This therapy must be continued till warts have allayed. Place some droplets of castor oil on a compress & dab it on the genital warts. Many have reported relief by the use of this remedy. Direct application of freshly obtained Aloe Vera juice could be employed for dissolving genital warts & toning the skin. Proteolytic enzyme presences in pineapples (bromelain), fig, papayas (papain), peels of bananas on direct application help in digesting & dissolving the genital warts safely & effectually. Application of fresh plants, saps (fig) or concentrates (papain) – taping to the skin for many hours is believed to work. Direct application of a N. American herb Milkweed – its fresh milk-like sap extract of the stems or leaves on the genital warts once daily generally gives dramatic outcomes and does not irritate skin nor affecting normal skin. Another home cure of genital warts in revving up your consumption of sulphur-comprising amino acids into one’s dietetic intake by consuming generous amounts of egg, garlic, citrus fruits, onion, asparagus.
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