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Genesis Fitness Clubs Fat Campaign Failure

Posted Jan 16 2010 3:40pm
Genesis Fitness Clubs claim to be "The Fitness Club for EveryBody."  There is clearly an emphasis in the slogan on the clubs not just being for everybody, but indeed everyBody.  I am not sure what this means to you, but to me it means Genesis welcome people who have all different shaped and sized bodies into their clubs.  Great!  That is just the way it should be.

So then Genesis....what's this? A 'Fat Ass Fighters' Campaign?  Are you kidding me?  With your slogan about being for everyBody so heavily promoted and used throughout your clubs - surely this must be a mistake?  Or have you gone down the same path as Sumo Salad and think it cute and funny marketing to belittle people in this way as they did in their disgusting cankle and moob campaign

This sort of body hatred makes my blood boil and genuinely shake my head as to how anyone at Genesis could honestly believe such a campaign is in line with their so called appreciation of body diversity.  Do they actually believe that anyone who may have concerns about their weight, shape or body would feel comfortable and confident to step into their club while this campaign is running?  I can't see how anyone would, for fear that staff and other club members may think they are one of the fat asses!  How terrible.

Do Genesis possibly think that the financial incentive is what will get people over the line and in the door?  A sweetener of sorts.  There are 'conditions' of course which are not clearly stated.  Is one of the conditions that you have to be a certain weight or have a certain sized ass to be eligible?  Seems ridiculous I know, but I wonder what Genesis staff would do if someone arrived to them wanting to be part of the offer who actually did not need to lose weight?  Will they know how to spot someone who may be desperate for money and /or psychologically compromised, thinking they are much larger than they really are?  Or will they just let anyone work with a trainer, oh sorry - I mean - Fat Ass Fighter.

While Genesis may think it acceptable to market to people using the image of a sweating pig standing on a scale - I do not.  When will companies learn that supporting people to embrace a healthy lifestyle (no matter what their size) should not involve humiliating them?  How about some encouragement instead?  Some positivity? Something uplifting? That would make a fantastic change.

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