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generic vs branded medicines

Posted Apr 29 2010 5:27am 2 Comments
any comment pls
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ive discuss this to some doctors...they say generics are ok but they are still hesitant  about it..they are not quite sure about its efficacy....while the branded meds they've been using this ever since with their patients so they have observe the efficacy of it or the response of patients to these drugs..while the generic they are not sure....i got same comments fron docors i know.....generic drugs are out today because our government heve been advocating it...but some still in doubt about it....tanx.



I'm assuming that you want to know whether generic medicines are "as good" or "as safe" as brand name medicines.  While the answer to these questions have not always been "yes", it is at this time.  In fact, most of teh generic drug manufacturers are owned by the larger brand name pharmaceutical firms.

The good news for your pocketbook is that when a medicine becomes generic, it usually drops in price by about half.  Thus, you get the same effective medicine for 50% less - I'd call that a double bonus (or maybe a BOGO - buy one get one).

If you have other issues, please be more specific and I'll do my best to answer.



Daniel A.

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