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Generation to Generation

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:07am
Ruth (not me) Eveline and Lois

This is a picture of my paternal grandmother and two of my aunts taken sometime around 1947. We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of the girl on the right this past weekend and it was great fun to reconnect with family members we had not seen for years. My aunt has a number of old photographs in her living room, pictures I have never seen before. She has chronicled much of our family history and has worked to keep us in contact with each other. My young niece, Jaspenelle, whose son is the clan's second youngest member, is interested in family stories from the past, just like me. For some reason, we did not hear a lot of them when we were growing up or did not pay close attention to the ones that were shared. Family connections are important and technology has made it easier to stay in touch than ever before. But we are often too busy and family gatherings often happen infrequently.

Sam, Cassy and Ruth with Max the dog

The third youngest member of our extended family, 11 week old Cassy is in the arms of her grandmother, the girl on the left in the first picture. She is getting acquainted with Samuel's dog Max. Cassy is blessed with an immediate and extended family who love her and who will participate together in raising her. Another cousin in this family is raising a young child who has been in several foster homes and has had no family connection or security. It is taking time for him to develop trust and the ability to relate to others. She and her husband are special people indeed!
I think it is unfortunate that children and adults are segregated so often according to age, in schools, churches, retirement homes and recreational facilities. There is benefit in a social mix of various generations. Samuel and I are great buddies in spite of our age difference. And I am grateful for the other family members of all ages who keep in touch with me on a regular basis.

It takes a whole village to raise a child.
African Proverb
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