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Gastroenterologist Beverly Hills - Tips to prevent cancer

Posted Nov 23 2010 11:06am


Young people never think they things they eat or engage in may catch up to them and try to ruin their health. One should always think about the consequences that may come from living a healthy lifestyle. Being careful about what one eats or does is another way to contributing to ones own Beverly Hills cancer prevention. Some say “well everything causes cancer, but that in fact is not true, however there are things that do cause cancer that one should try to avoid in order to live longer.

Eat a healthy diet: Making a healthy selection every time one grabs for food is not possible and it cannot guarantee Cancer prevention Los Angeles however it can help to reduce ones risks of developing cancer.

1. Eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables; one should base their diets on plant sources whole grains and beans.

2. Drinking is only ok in moderation: The risks of several different cancers for example: breast, colon, lung, liver and kidney cancer all increase with each drink of alcohol one takes and the length of time that one has been drinking.

3. Limit fat intake: Being overweight or obese increases ones chances of developing cancer. A diet with fewer calories means a diet with less animal food sources.

Tobacco: Don’t use tobacco; using tobacco is one way to be in the direct line of fire for cancer. Smoking has been linked to several types of cancer including cancer of the lung, bladder, cervix and kidney. Chewing tobacco has been linked to cancer of the oral cavity and pancreas. Second hand smoke has also been linked to lung cancer.

Exercise and maintain a healthy weight: As said before being obese or over weight increase the risk of cancer and several other diseases. Exercising decreases the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. One should include at least half an hour of exercise in their daily routine for cancer prevention and cardiovascular improvement. Exercising is also a boost for the immune system. Leading Beverly Hills Gastroenterologist say most patients contribute to their illness by not exercising or watching what they eat, taking a fitness walk helps to lower the risk of many things.

Take early detection seriously: Leading Los Angeles gastroenterologist say often times people may not take small rectal bleeding seriously and this can give way to cancer that may already be there. Regular exams and screenings for various types of cancer are necessary. Early treatment is key to surviving cancer. If ones parents suffered from cancer make sure to be screened for that specific type and any other types that come with age requirements for screenings.

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