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Garden Update

Posted Mar 14 2013 4:17pm

It’s time for a garden update. Actually, it was time for a garden update about three weeks ago, but today is the first time I’ve thought of it while it’s not pouring!  So, here we go! Yes, it’s true – finally, the dreary rain has stopped in BrisVegas, as we fondly (and ironically) call it.  Sunshine abounds, and it’s hard to imagine going without it. 

First, our peppers. Funny story – we actually bought capsicum (american pepper) plants, or so we thought – but then overnight, the plant started sprouting four inch long mild peppers.  We were so happy it did, because boy, were they delicious!

IMG 5197

The carrots are going insane, mostly from the rain.  I’m looking forward to them drying out a bit, so the roots will be as strong as the tops. 

IMG 5200

And finally, the tomatoes are here!  Hallelujah!  They are still green, but they are growing really well. I do think the kelp fertilizer made a huge difference to the vitality of the plants, as these are sprouting more quickly and robustly than last years batch. 

IMG 5204IMG 5201

Basil is growing like wildfire, as is the mint and sage.  So great to see, particularly after all the precipitation. 

IMG 5202

I’m really enjoying the purple basil – it’s such a pretty color, and has a nice bite to it. 

IMG 5207

And finally, our thyme is really taking off.  It took a while, but we nursed it back to health after some accidental neglect, and it’s blossoming madly.

It’s such fun to see the progress in our little garden. Ant and I have been having a lot of fun talking about what we’ll plant when we finally have some real space to grow things.  Of course, he wants to take the high tech route (timed waterers, moisture sensors, alarms, etc.) and I am more interested in the naturalistic, chilled out approach. As always, I have a feeling we’ll find a place to meet in the middle. 

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