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Gang of Snowmen, a Santa, and a Nap.

Posted Nov 24 2012 5:24pm
My first time hosting Thanksgiving was a WONDERFUL success; here's why:

1. Our family actually likes each other. They also like the same politicians, which never hurts. Let the boring conversations commence. 
2. Our dishwasher survived 4 or 5 full loads in 3 days without a single complaint or nap. I call that a win.
3. Our family knew better than to leave the entire meal up to me... they all brought TONS of food and helped calm my nerves when the turk was actually, finally cooking
4. People didn't spit out their food or try to feed it to the cat that I noticed
5. We literally have leftovers coming out of our ears. Just kidding, that would be gross and weird. 

And just like that? It's all over. 

This morning as everyone was preparing to leave I decided to redecorate our home. From Thanksgiving to Christmas we go. 

"Whenever a snowman melts away, A snow angel is added to heaven that day"
"Most of our family and friends are flakes"
 I'm super hilarious.
Willis' stocking is in the middle surrounded by the Gang of Snowmen.

I won't lie, I'm kind of obsessed with that Merry Christmas thing... Thank You Target for making dreams come true. 
My future father-in-law (Hint Hint Brett) picked this Santa out for us! SO CUTE!
Now everything feels new and exciting again. Change is good.

Then I took a two-hour nap. No big deal. Training for my second 13.1 starts Monday. 

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. 

Wanna Share?
Real tree or Fake tree?

REAL! All. The. Way.

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