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Galaxy Love & Protein Coconut Chocolate

Posted Feb 28 2010 12:00am

Hi lovelies! Ok, so you all are absolutely amazing, and reading your comments just about brought me to tears! I was pretty nervous to post that, but I’m glad I did..

This weekend’s been all about School. I prepped for a new class starting Monday (not a fan of having homework before the class starts), then dove into Integrative Nutrition studying. Every time I start a new topic I’m reminded & energized about the program and about my career path. It just gets me so excited I love it!

So I promised a standard post.. which this is.. but it includes 2 things I’m excited to share.. product review AND the best healthy Chocolate-craving satisfier I’ve ever made!



I lied to you.. I ended up taking a partial rest day and just did an 80 min Power Yoga class. Turns out my hips & back were pretty sore from PT Friday. I’ve never worn a heart rate monitor to that class but I’m really curious how much I burn. I saw one calorie calculator that predicted 471 calories for 80 minutes at my weight. Not sure if it’s that high, but it’s definitely heart-pumping and I always leave completely drenched.


Started my day with Spin then followed it up with working Shoulders & Glutes. These are two of my favorite areas to work, but unfortunately I had to skip a couple of my favorite glute exercises (Sumo Squats, weighted Step-Ups, weighted Lunges) because my hip was just not having it. So instead I focused on doing a lot of isolate glute exercises, which I need anyways.. the power stuff is just so much more fun!

Weights: Shoulders & Glutes

Shoulders: Arnold Press, Cross-Pulley Lat Raises, Push-Press, Tricep (elbows in) Push-ups → high weight, lower reps

Glutes (Isolate focus): weighted Glute Kickbacks, weighted Abductors & Adductors, weighted Hip Raises → aiming for 25-30 reps for each set at as high a weight as you can do

Cardio: Spin – 60 min

Calories burned: 840 total – 515 from Spin, 325 from lifting :)


Product Review

The wonderful folks at Galaxy Granola , who are also soon launching a blog called Fruit not Fat, sent me a few packages of Granola to try. I love Granola and recently got into making my own because a lot of brands on the market add all sorts of stuff to make it less healthy. Well Galaxy is fantastically different and uses Fruit as a sweetener instead of Fat.

I think this was the 1st package I received addressed to ‘Nourished Fitness’!! :)

They sent me 3 flavors to try: Vanilla Almond, Not Sweet Vanilla and Cranberry Orange.

I was expecting it to perhaps lack in flavor or have a odd texture, but I was so wrong! Great flavor and texture :) Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

In Action

Saturday started with a taste test of Galaxy Granola’s Vanilla Almond variety on Fitness Cake Batter with Blackberries. Delicious!

Lunch was last night’s dinner leftovers: Wild Coho Salmon and a piece of Kabocha Quinoa Casserole ..

Pile of Veggies

As usual, after Yoga I just wanted a big salad, but I went with the warm version. Kale sauteed with mini-Portabellos, baked Savory Tofu, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Artichoke Hearts..

Chocolate Craving Satisfier

Dessert tonight was a cross between my Protein Fudge and Averie’s Vegan Coconut Chocolate .. so I’ll call it..

1/2 scoop Cup Cake Protein Powder (I’m out of Chocolate)

2 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 tsp Vanilla

dash Stevia

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (melt before you mix)

1 tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

I mixed everything together, pressed it into a tupperware, and let it chill for a while..

AMAZING! Yes this one deserves all caps. Best sweet-treat creation in a long time.. yum yum yum

And the stats..

There were a couple other random snacks throughout the day involving Protein Powder, Cottage Cheese & Pumpkin but it was all eat haphazardly from the container :p


I’ve been so lame about gathering fun articles & links.. when will they add more hours to the day?! :p

I did just post this one to the Digg feed (at the bottom of the blog).. Yoga Advice on Eating Healthy – I love that it also emphasizes that everyone is different. “There’s no perfect diet and no ideal food” .. just some that are way better than others.. i.e. The Fast Food diet.. what the heck is up with that! :p

But don’t forget the OpenSky Promotion !

Alright, I’m off to work on a project for school. Tomorrow I start my trimester of Grad School, it’s so hard to believe. 76 days until Graduation!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend :)

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