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Gaining Experience- My Internship

Posted May 23 2011 7:26pm

Greetings Everyone! (as a completely random side note, I often struggle with how to open up posts! I don’t want to sound too awkward and I try not to the say the same thing each day. Does anyone else feel similarly? Or am I just weird ;-) haha)

Anyway, I have been talking a lot recovery lately and how, for the most part, it is going in a positive direction. I have to keep reminding myself that there will always be ups and downs, and conquering the more difficult aspects of the journey are what is going to inevitably make me a stronger, healthier and more balanced person.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” -Don Williams Jr.

I know this is a bit cliche, but I do believe what I am writing about is true. How can I gain a peace with food and my body if I never make an effort to fight what has been plaguing me for so many years? I could simply sit back and wait to get better, procrastinate the inevitable healthy changes that I must make. The journey is often going to be quite uncomfortable and I have to be ready to embrace and face the challenges that lie ahead.

Now onto a more interesting topic (at least I think so :) ), my internship for the summer!

I have mentioned several times on zee blog how having no idea what the heck I want to after graduation and my life, causes me great anxiety. I know I still have time to figure out potential plans, but the fears mostly stem from when I start comparing myself to what other people are doing in and out of school. Jenny wrote about this a few weeks ago, and how comparing yourself to what others have for a job, can really make you feel…well terrible. I am realizing this now, but completely shaking this habit is rather difficult and takes time and determination. The comparison trap is something I fall into far too often, and would really like to dedicate an entire post to this, so expect to see that soon!

Earlier this year, especially during March and April, friends from school and other people in my life, started making plans for the summer. They were researching internships, jobs and volunteer work that would allow them to become more involved in their possible field of study. With one more year left of school, l I am at that age where I feel I need to gain experience in the field I am hoping to pursue. The only problem is I am really not entirely sure what I want to do, so for a long time, I procrastinated in finding work related to my major.

Although I have a job at a local ice cream shop, it is not enough if I want to build up my resume- that oh so important document that is rather lacking for me at the moment! So when I returned home from school a few weeks ago, I made it a mission to find SOMETHING that I could potentially enjoy, did not have terrible hours, was not located too far away (I can barely afford gas!) and it would help in narrowing down my plans for the future.

After speaking with a friend of mine from home, she suggested the place that I am not working with, B and S Fitness. From the website:

Our mission is to offer programs that provide professional high quality activities and events which promote health, fitness, performance and community. We enthusiastically welcome all fitness levels, from novices to seasoned athletes. Please check out our programs or contact us if you have any questions. We are certain we can provide the right activity or event for your lifestyle and goals.

This workout program was created in 2004 by Brandi and Steve (hence the name B and S Fitness), and has expanded from organizing just two fitness related events, to creating and running several other programs, such as boot camps, cardio and strength workouts, triathlon training, weight lifting, personal training, nutrition counseling and so much more. In addition, they run several fitness events, such as road races of varying distances, triathlons, and other types including mud runs, obstacle courses, and organizations for kids, to help them movin!

I have done a number of running races and triathlons that they have organized. These events are also where several of the people that work with the B and S program, prove and show off the training they have gone through. Here are pictures from past times!


And of course the mud run :)

I first started working out at B and S two years ago, when my friend Caroline and her mom brought me to a class they enjoy taking. I was obviously into fitness then and had been looking for a new challenge and a change from my usual routine of running with some spinning thrown in there. At the time, I had heard about how important and beneficial strength training was for your body, yet I lacked enough knowledge on the subject to really give myself a good workout. There were a few futile attempts of using weights at the gym, but I always felt so awkward and simply had no idea what I was doing.

I went with them to their favorite class one Monday morning at 9 and it’s safe to say it kicked my butt. The hour long class began with a quick warm-up of jogging, active stretches, knee kicks, etc, and then the work began. This program includes use of dumb bells, bosu balls, tubing, medicine balls, those big blown up balls, leg bands, TRX ropes, and other types of equipment. The class includes use of some or all of these throughout the entire hour and the exercises completed with them work several different muscles at once. For example, we might do squats with two weights while standing on a bosu ball, or step ups on a higher surface while holding a medicine ball for more of a challenge.

Here is an written example of the types of things we do:

Athlete/Group: X-Treme Workout: Fall 1 Week 2 Day 3

Date: 9/17/10 Time: 9-10 Trainer: JN

DYNAMIC WARM-UP:         Full

1.    Ladder à Accelerations, MB Slams/Suitcase/Squat Jump 20/15/10 x 9






Exercise Reps Reps Reps
SA Sumo Snatch 10/sd 10/sd 10/sd
Front Squat on Bosu if Possible 15 15 15
SL Kneeling Bench Row 10/sd 10/sd 10/sd
V-Sit MB Chops à T-Band Rot. 15/sd 15/sd 15/sd





Exercise Reps Reps Reps
High Pull 15 12 10
No Touch Step-ups 12/sd 12/sd 12/sd
Rotational Swimmers à Titty Milkers 15/15/15 15/15/15 15/15/15
SL Ankle ABC’s A-Z/leg A-Z/leg A-Z/leg


Additionally during the class, we work on improving cardio, speed and agility by use of plyometrics (squat jumps, knee tucks, burpees, mountain climbers), bear crawls, sprinting, working with a ladder on the floor, partner exercises such as using pull ropes, pushing heavy “sleds” across the floor full of dumb bells to increase the weight, skipping, shuffling, and so many more! It’s hard to describe exactly what we do, but most of the classes leave me sore for at least two days but have improved my fitness level so much. I used to only be able to about 5 regular push ups, now I can do nearly 25.

Here is a video from the class last Wednesday- I am the one wearing the long sleeve pink shirt! Xtreme Workout!

Even after attending this pr0gram for the past two years, I am still sore after almost every class, I do love that feeling though :)

In addition to working out with B and S Fitness, I am also helping out with the other fitness programs they provide, especially the morning boot camps. These are offered from a number of different locations around the area I live and are from 6-7 am to accommodate those that have to work early in the morning. Anyone at any level can join this and you if you keep up with the workouts and make some nutritional changes, you will be guaranteed positive results. Here is a description:

The program provides a great array of variety – from hot trends such as plyometrics, functional training and pilates positions, to old-school calisthenics and resistance training with your own body weight and portable accessories (tubing, bands and pull-ropes, etc…). Bootcamp also focuses on developing and improving ones cardiovascular fitness through creative and unique exercises and activities.

I attend the boot camp 4 mornings per week, where first I am going to be participating and watching how the instructors teach, give out cues, and help the athletes. After I have gained some knowledge of what to do, I will be helping to instruct.

I don’t know if physical training and this type of fitness instruction is what I am interested in pursuing, but this internship will allow me to get experience, get some resume points, and it will help me understand if I really am interested in this type of work! So far I am really enjoying it (although I haven’t gotten used to waking up at 5:30 on a regular basis yet haha) I genuinely like motivating and helping people that are ready to make a lifestyle change by exercising more and eating a bit better. Some people that participate are quite out of shape, over weight, or have never exercised a day in their life. That does not matter though, they are deciding that they are ready to make a change that they believe will benefit them.

Their personal journey towards getting in shape is going to be uncomfortable, hard, and exhausting. But it will also be rewarding if you stick to it. I can definitely relate their experience with boot camps with my own fight toward recovery. I know I talk about this often, but I must keep reminding myself that the getting better will not be nice and comfy, it[‘s going to suck a lot of the time, and I just have to man up and get through it.




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