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FYI: is putting out full workout videos now!

Posted Oct 28 2010 7:44am
In the words of Martin Lawrence, “woo woo!  woo woo!”.  LOL!


As of this past Monday, we can all follow Zuzana, of, through her AWESOME workouts from start to finish.  She is doing the workouts with us now folks (how exciting is this??!!!) and not just showing us how to do them as her prior videos are setup (which was fine, but not as fun).  I can now give my Gymboss timer a rest because I can now go by Zuzana’s timer beeps.  I love Zuzana, her Freddy  and their bad ass workouts - A LOT!

So far, they have put out two follow along workouts and I chose this workout to do with Zuzana yesterday…

I found that my overall time, while doing this particular dynamic workout, my number of repetitions have increased by 30% since following along with Zuzana.  When I follow an instructor, I’m mimicking him/her and I tend to try to do my best to keep up, complete the same amount of reps or do more reps than they do and follow their breathing  patterns.  Before the new format came out we (us Body Rockers) had to copy the workouts into our notebooks, set our timers and go for the gusto on our own.  I noticed that when I do these workouts on my own that I am slower at performing them although I am trying my best to make good time and/or get out the maximum amount of repetitions I can. I am so happy they have decided to do this - I feel like I’m actually making more gains by actually following Zuzana than when I do them on my own.

I have really been into dynamic circuit training (high impact, high intensity, high speed) lately and have been giving my cardio workout DVDs a bit of a rest.  I am currently working on my muscle strength, speed, agility, endurance and lowering my body fat at this point in time because it’s what I’m interested in.  I want to LOOK LIKE AND TO ALSO TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE and I find that this is an amazing and very effective way to do this along with traditional strength training thrown in. I only run in the Fall and Winter so I’m also doing that three times a week as well trying to increase my mileage and with an increase in my endurance I’ll be racking them all up quite easily.

Anyhooooo, this is just an fyi with rambling thrown in. Take a look at if you have not already . If you are a beginner to Zuzana’s workouts, she does post tips and modifications on her site as to how you can alter the workout to cater to your fitness level. There are no excuses!

Work hard and never ever give up!

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