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FXB: 10 Week Challenge Results

Posted Apr 04 2012 10:14pm

Yesterday was our final testing for the Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping 10 Week Challenge.


Here are my results!

  Week 1 Week 5 Week 10
Height 5’7 5’7 5’7
Chest 32.5 32.5 33.5
Waist 25 24.5 24.5
Arms 9.5 9.5 9.75
Thigh 20.25 19.5 19.5
Hips 38 36.5 36.75
Weight 140 138 133
Body Fat % 22 18.5 17


I am really happy with where I ended up. I’ll admit that I haven’t been following the nutrition plan very closely for the last 5 weeks (um, I practically ate my way through NYC), so I am happy to see I was able to still lose body fat and maintain my measurements. Since I’m continuing on with the workouts (in the FIT program), I am going to try to continue eating 6 times a day and continue keeping up with my protein & water intake.

  Week 1 Week 5 Week 10
Push-ups (1 min, on toes) 33 61 81
Sit-ups (1 min) 42 61 64
Sit & Reach 23 25.5 26
Mile Run - 7.29 7.08


I was also more than happy with my fitness tests. I’m glad that I’m still seeing such great improvement. But whoa, am I sore today from the push-ups!

And here are my before and after pictures. I think they really show what Farrell’s is all about. It’s not a weight loss program, it is a body shaping program. I am more toned and I have more muscle definition now. I feel stronger, tighter, and more fit.



We had our 10 Week Celebration Banquet last night at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a blast. Seeing how happy and proud my classmates were of their accomplishments was amazing. There were individuals in my class who could not do one sit-up on the first day of testing. There were individuals who had not worked out a day in their lives. They made it through the entire 10 weeks and changed their lives for the better. It is truly inspiring.

And since this program has helped me reach my goals, I want to help others achieve theirs. I’ve decided to become an instructor! I am very excited and will start training soon. I can’t wait!

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