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Fun with Food Series

Posted Jul 09 2013 9:57am

Creative Cooking With Children: Simple, Fun Home-Cooked Food.

I’m not the kind of mom who sews her children’s clothing and costumes. I’m not the kind of mom who heretofore has made a detailed scrapbook of every month of her child’s existence. I’m not the kind of mom who has ever knit or crocheted anything for her kids. I’m not the kind of mom who truly in her heart enjoys any of these activities least of all the cute and quaint craft kits the littles inevitably receive for birthdays and holidays. I offer kuddos to those moms who pull it off, props to those who have that kind of stamina, and utmost respect to the ways in which we chose to raise and engage with our children. But I love my kids and more than anything, I love being with them- whether we're sticky with glue, covered in flour, or laughing our bungies off.

The fact is most creative endeavors involving paste, paint, and paper with my children make part of me cringe, not because I don’t enjoy activities with my kids, but because I have two left thumbs when it comes to crafting, two left feet when it comes to movement of most kinds, and find I tend to operate from the left side of my brain when required to use my right.

But if there is one thing that we all have to do, it is eat. And I am the kind of mom who feeds my children, nourishing, wholesome, from-the-earth kinds of food, if I might add. Usually. Not all the time-one hundred percent, but darn it if I don’t try. And since I am the kind of mom who doesn’t do all those other amazing mom kinds of things, usually. But am the kind of mom who feeds her children, I’ve decided to have fun with it, roll up our sleeves, get our hands involved, get messy and most of all have fun. I like to play with my children and it follows that I encourage us to play with our food. 
Perhaps another reason I emphasize food is because I’ve been blessed with children who eat their veggies, although kale did take some convincing. Sleep on the other hand is another story or more exactly waking at the first hint of dawn. It makes for a long day of whether we’re in the kitchen or reluctantly making tissue paper flowers on Popsicle sticks.
I’ve created some recipes that serve well as special occasion dishes or something to break the monotony of mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese, repeat. Although those are delicious and have their place, I get burned out and all that cheese, well, you know.

   Others are just for, well, fun---See my Graham Cracker Cookie Biscuits AKA Scooby Snacks/Dog bones here . And...  Please stay tuned for more recipes  in this series while we have fun with our food.  Deirdre
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