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Fun Times With Liver: My First Attempt

Posted Jun 15 2013 10:10pm

Pretty sure my husband just made a gagging noise when I told him I was posting about tonight’s dinner. Wuss. Suck it up, Ludeman. This is hardcore Paleo at it’s best. Well, except for the whole gas powered stove, bacon and non-stick cookwear. But I digress…


So, I have decided to follow Sally Fallon’s advice and incorporate more liver into my diet. This decision has not been an easy one as I am sensitive to texture and welll….this is liver we’re talking about! But, I grew some and went to New Seasons to pick up my grass fed liver. I shivered silently and checked out with my maple bacon and kale.

I posted about my new venture on the Cultured Caveman Facebook page and got mixed reviews/replies. Many people expressed their disgust for liver (wonder if they have ever even tried it–doubtful). But some gave some good recipe ideas. Like frying it with bacon. Brilliant!! Everything is better with bacon!


So, I fried it up with bacon, garlic and shallots and served it over sauteed kale with fried eggs on top. I thought it was a little dry, probably from overcooking, but still tasty. Tim, my hubs, was not a fan but ate the whole thing anyways. Way to go Tim! I think the main thing is just getting used to it. I think next time I will mix it in with my ground beef for meatloaves or meatballs. But, incase you want to try, here’s what I did:


Bacon Fried Liver


1-1.5 pounds grass fed liver (available at Whole Foods or New Seasons)

4-5 strips tasty nitrate/nitrite free bacon, cut into small pieces

1 large onion

2-3 cloves garlic, minced

Salt and pepper to taste



In a large skillet, cook cut bacon until half way done and add in chopped onion and garlic. Cook for about five minutes or until aromatic.


While that’s cooking, chop liver into bite size pieces (and try not to gag, jk,….but srsly….). Add liver to the pan and stir/cook for about five minutes. Serve with sauteed greens or mixed with eggs. Super delish!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Have you made liver? What do you do to make this nutritional powerhouse more delish?


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