Stepping into the world’s largest shuffleboard complex, you can’t help but step back in time.  I imagine an elite group of retirees, in their Sunday best, enjoying a leisurely afternoon of Shuffle Board.  The women sipping tea under a large hat.  The men breaking a sweat on the courts. I love visiting places like this and imagining what life was like for those select few who were living a very privileged life.

Not much has changed at the complex, except now the average Joe can can bring his family (dog-on-leash included) or impress a hot date, on Friday nights.  From 7pm – 11pm, you can step back in time too.  It is BYOB, so this outing is super economical and definitely unique!


There are even ping-pong and pool tables!

I was not held up and forced to write this blog entry by anyone associated with St. Pete Shuffle.  I’m just doing it because I think this place is one of the coolest things to do on a Friday night in the Tampa Bay area.  Maybe I’m weird, but my idea of fun does not involve sitting at a bar getting sloshed.  I prefer to spend my time outside and being active.  So grab your family or your honey and head over to St. Pete Shuffle .

So head to 59 Mirror Lake Drive North, St. Petersburg 7 to 11 p.m. on Friday night for a hip twist on an old game with music, art and fun for all ages. Equipment provided (look inside an old shopping cart outside the club house). Free.

And before you go, brush up on your shuffle board rules here or ask one of the hipsters there to give you a crash course!

Live well,