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fun facts friday – the friday edition

Posted Sep 30 2011 7:20pm

1. I did 100 squats on Tuesday. Why? Julie did it last week, and silly me thought it sounded like fun. On Wednesday, I could easily walk and squat and do all sorts of leaps through the air (because that’s how I normally saunter around). On Thursday, I could barely move. It was bad. Did I mention I had to run 9 miles today? Yikes.

2. I’m always all “oh look at me, I’m a neat freak! I like a clean house. I put up my nose at a sink full of dirty dishes. I make the Husband make the bed at 9 PM some days.” What I fail to tell you is that my car and my purse are atrocious. Like, seriously and legitimately disgusting. Wrappers. Garbage. Starbuck’s cups (in the car,  not the purse). This drives the Husband bonkers. Part of me thinks I am subconsciously doing it because his office clutter drives me bonkers. Another part of me thinks I just don’t care if my car is clean.

3. I don’t know about you, but when I go into a long run, I always go in thinking, “meh, 9 miles isn’t that long.” Um, I’m here to tell you folks that it really is that long. Whoever came up with that thought process was a sick sick fool.

4. Some things I thought on my run today: “I only have to do this 3 mile loop 3 times.” “I wonder if the Husband took the garbage out today.” “My massage tomorrow is going to feel so so good.” “Who thought of hummus? Whoever they were, they were a genius.” “I wonder if these people think I’m crazy because I have ran past them three times now.”

5. My hands are officially orange from all of my sweet potato and pumpkin consumption. I decided to lower it down a notch and eat a white potato today.

6. I am taking my 10 year old niece out for a girls’ afternoon out for her birthday, which was on Monday. We’re going out for lunch and shopping – Exciting!

7. It’s about to be a wild Friday night up in here. I’m catching up on all the good ones – Modern Family, The Middle, and Up All Night. I might even read a few new pages of my new book, Chasing Amanda.

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8. Did anyone else want to kill their sinuses today? I could barely drive this morning the pressure was so intense. Then, I felt really wonky all morning. I hope that’s not a precursor of things to come!

9. I ran my 9 miles in 1 hour and 18 minutes today, which is um…. faster than I ran my 8 miles last week. Who am I?

10. Happy Friday.

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