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Full Moon Run Club: December Edition

Posted Dec 18 2013 8:01pm
Last night I was so glad I had the chance to head out to Abbotsford and meet up for another full moon run. I've actually been out of town for the last couple ( Port Alberni Edition and Maui Edition ) so it was nice to be able to join the original group for the run this time around!

The night before I noticed how big and beautiful the moon was because I could see it through the windows above our bed.

I couldn't believe how much blue moonlight
glowed into our room the last two nights!

However, I forgot that the weather was forecasted to change and while my drive from White Rock to Abbotsford was dry, it was drizzling by the time I arrived at the track. I wasn't totally sure who would be there yet so I camped out in my car by the track where we were told to meet. Turns out I was the first one there.

The next guy to arrive was someone I think I've met at previous full moon runs. Turns out we'll likely be seeing more of each other in the next few months as we're going to be part of the same team for an event coming up next spring (more to come on that in another post). We chatted for awhile until the others showed up. We were meeting up with a local run club called The Gaiters so in addition to those I knew from Run for Water, there were lots of new faces.

We were told we'd be running about 11km and headed off to get started. I found myself right at the front (a place I rarely ever run in a group!) with one of my previous Run for Water teammates so we chatted along as we hit the trail. The trail wasn't terribly uneven but it was so dark and since I was unfamiliar with it, I was certain was going to trip and fall.

Luckily I stayed upright and we finished with that trail portion and carried on. Like I said, I wasn't totally familiar with the area but I think I were running on the Discovery Trail. Most parts were fully paved and it was a lovely trail. A few little hills, some fields, lots of trees, some bridges - I'm sure it would be a really pretty run during the day.

What I always find funny about these full moon runs is the feeling of disorientation. In the daytime, even if you don't know your way around, you can always see what's coming ahead of you and anticipate it. When you're running in the dark, you can't exactly see what's coming ahead so it's a totally different experience. The hills are a surprise, the downhills are a surprise and you always have to be ready to turn when you're not expecting it. Makes it all kind of fun.

There was lots of talk amongst us about Run for Water. Reminiscing about last year, what we loved, what was challenging, what we would like to see this year. Sounds like quite a few of us from last year will be returning in 2014 so that was kind of exciting to hear.

The run itself was great. We pretty much ran the whole way except for some stops at obvious crossing points to let the last runners catch up. To me, I felt like our pace was faster than what I was used to on a steady run like that, however, this afternoon when I looked at our data I had to laugh because the pace was pretty much where I'm running at these days anyways. I'll chalk that one up to maybe being disoriented or something?

So yes, I was a wee bit winded but was enjoying pushing a little bit to stay near the front of the group. I know that most of the runners from RFW were far more advanced than me and definitely faster runners than I. I know that in order to improve yourself though, running with people who are faster than you is invaluable. So while I was tired by the time we were about 3/4 done, I knew I was getting a good run in. (Most of them probably thought it was a walk in the park! Ha ha)

Unfortunately with all of the cloud we didn't really get a chance to see any of that beautiful blue moonlight but the spirit of the full moon run was still there and that's the best part. We stopped for a quick howl and a picture in the only tunnel on our route and chatted in the parking lot for a bit after finishing. I was happy to even find a fellow numbers geek who ran an extra 0.13 km with me in the parking lot for an even 11.0 km total distance.

I finally got a glimpse of the when I got back home again....

So despite feeling a bit tired, I'm so glad I made it out for the December Edition of the Full Moon Run Club. It's always nice to see old running friends and also meet new ones, not to mention run with a different group and in a different environment.

Back home and ready to eat!

When I got home I realized part of why I was probably feeling so tired. I hadn't eaten dinner before I left. I had a snack on my drive out but it clearly wasn't enough. After downing not one but TWO glasses of chocolate milk, I ate my dinner (yummy basa that turned out great!) and started to feel much better.

I spent a good amount of time stretching and rolling before bed and slept like a log last night. I guess a good nighttime run has that effect. Looking forward to next month's full moon!
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