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Frustrating Time of Year

Posted Jan 07 2010 8:14am

This is a frustarting time of year for me.  With the new year come resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, eat better, move more, etc., etc.  While those are great resolutions for all of us, as long as we create a good plan and stick to that plan, it also means the snake-oil salespeople are coming out of the woodwork. 

Now, I know they are always around, peddling their detox potions and magic pills, but this time of year it always gets a little crazier.  Radio ads non-stop are advertising the solution to your weight or health problem.  TV ads are pitching the “fast food diet” (good one, Taco Bell).  Internet ads, as always, show too-skinny women parading around in next to nothing promoting “finally the product that will work for you!” 

Really guys?  Are we still buying this crap?  Sadly, the people that need to be reading this are not reading this.  They are too busy shooting themselves up with HCG or knocking back Jillian Michaels’ magic drinks, or even doing what Megan Fox suggests and getting themselves some vinegar to lose some extra pounds. 

Note this and share this with your friends:  Just because an ad says something like “our research shows that ‘X’ product burns/tones/melts Y% more fat/calories/etc than anything else” doesn’t make it true. 

To create healthier habits you need to do it the hard way.  You need to create healthy habits.  Like anything else, it’s hard at first, and then it becomes a habit.  Pick specific things you can start changing today.  You don’t need to change everything at once… that is usually a recipe for failure and discouragment. 

I’m not perfect either.  I need to create healthier habits for myself too.  I’m trying.  I’m creating my plans and goals and sticking to them as best I can. 

And by the way, my plans don’t include calling an 800 number and ordering “the last diet product you will ever need!”

What are some of your health related goals and resolutions?  Are you going to stick to them?   

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